Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible to the Department of Education and Ofsted for the oversight and strategic management of the school. Any enquiries, issues or concerns relating to Trinity Academy should be raised with the Principal or his staff in the first instance, however, parents are free to write to Mr Nigel Robson, Chair of Governors, if they so wish.

Any letter intended for the Chair of Governors should be addressed to:

Mrs J Seagrave, Clerk to the Board of Governors, Trinity Academy, Church Balk, Thorne, Doncaster, DN8  5BY.

A full list of Governors is shown below:

Name of Governor Status
Nigel Robson Chairman
Mark Harvey Parent Governor
Ernest Bridgewood Local Governing Body
John Hair Local Governing Body
Martin Oldknow Local Governing Body
Pastor Graham Johnson Local Governing Body
Dr Mark Pike Local Governing Body
Sally Clifford Local Governing Body
Company Secretary
Patricia Rowland