Extra Curricular / After School Activities

Students and parents will be glad to know that the programme of after-school activities for this term will begin in the week commencing September 18th; some have already started.  The tables below show what is definitely on offer already.

  • All start at 3.10p.m. on the day given and most finish by 4.00 p.m.
  • Most activities are open to all but some are for specific year groups only.

Students need to attend at least one after-school activity regularly during the year. If you are wondering what any of them are like, why not come along and find out?  Come along on the day or/and contact the teacher concerned.

Christian Union  Wednesdays   Room 213  Mr Mattinson
Computer Club Wednesdays  Room 140 Mr Furniss

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).

Years 12 and 13

Wednesdays from September 13th Room 313 Mr Mapletoft

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

(Whole School Production)


Wednesdays and Thursdays from September 13th Rooms 150, 146, 41 Mrs Cutler, Mrs McArthur, Mrs Shepherd

Media Production Club.

Years 7 – 10

Wednesdays  Room 207 Mrs Backhouse and Miss Derry
Project Club Tuesdays. Watch this space for the starting date Room 34 Mr Potts and Mr Harvey
School Council  First Tuesday of every month Room to be announced Miss Carlin
Sewing Club Tuesdays Room 13 Miss Nalty and Mrs Whittaker
Strictly Dancing Thursdays Dance Studio Miss Bamforth
Youth Alpha Thursdays Room 215 Ms Moore

The PE Department and friends are as always especially active, this term offering:

Badminton Thursdays Miss Lloyd
Fitness.  Years 8 & 9 Thursdays Mr Sandford
Football Tuesdays Mr Stuart and Mr Witty
Gymnastics / Cheerleading Wednesdays Miss O’Brien
Hockey Wednesdays Miss Lloyd
Netball Tuesdays Miss O’Brien and Mrs Anderson
Rugby Wednesdays Mr Potts (Y7);  Mr Stones (Y8); Mr Thurlow (Y9);  Mr Taylor (Ys 10 & 11)
Trampolining Thursdays Mrs Fitzgerald

Further details are to come for:

  • The DofE Award: Bronze (Y9), Silver (Y10) and Gold (Y12 and 13)
  • Debating Society
  • History Club
  • Time Team Club
  • Campsite Games
  • and more…

Watch this space and listen out for announcements.