The Library exists to provide you with a wealth of books and other reading materials – for you to borrow or to read during breaks and lunchtimes. The Library is a fantastic resource, of which we are extremely proud.

Every student in Years 7, 8 and 9 spends time in the Library during one or more English lessons per week. You are shown how to use the Dewey method of book location and how to choose the most appropriate books that are suitable for your reading age.

What is my Reading Age?
Did you know that you have two ages? The first age is your chronological age, which you celebrate each year with your birthday and a cake with candles. The second age is your Reading Age, which can be very different from your chronological age. It is not unusual for a student aged 12 to have a Reading Age of a 16 year old, or for a student aged 14 to have a Reading Age of an 8 year old. You will already know what your chronological age is, but do you know your Reading Age? If you don’t, speak to your English teacher straight away and they will tell you what it is.

How can I increase my Reading Age?
The answer is simple – read, read, read!! There is no better skill for you to acquire and develop than the skill of reading. Over time, we want you to develop a love of reading also, and that is why we have a Daily Reading Time as part of the school day, five days a week. Each day and every day, you are given 20 minutes in which to read and enjoy your chosen book. The more you read, the better your Reading Age will become over time. The better your Reading Age, the better your chances of accessing the school curriculum, not just in English but in all subjects. The better your chances of accessing the school curriculum, the better you will do in your exams and the better your life chances. Wow – reading really is important, then!

Accelerated Reader Programme
All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are encouraged to read books from the Accelerated Reader Programme. This programme is nationally recognised as being one of the best ways to select books suitable for you and your Reading Age. Trinity Academy has invested vast sums of money in making our stock of Accelerated Reader books the best it can be, and we are continuing to add to this stock of books year by year. Please do use, read and enjoy the Accelerated Reader books we have purchased – they are intended for you!

Library and Information Services
The Library stocks a wide range of fiction and non fiction books, including classic texts and Short story pic“Quick Reads”. Furthermore, you can borrow DVDs (appropriate to your chronological age!) and you have access to a range of newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Students are welcome to visit the Library before and after the school day, as well as during morning break and over lunchtime. A Library Pass system is in operation to ensure the Library does not get overfull at peak times. There is also a suite of computers provided for you to conduct research and surf the web (with all the usual filters and firewalls in place to protect you).

Ask a Question!
If you have a question that needs an answer, do not hesitate to ask the Library Manager or her team of Student Librarians. They are well trained and highly skilled at pointing you in the right direction to find the answer you are looking for. They will not do the work for you, however – that is your job!

Homework Club
Any student who wishes to remain at school to do their homework in peace and quiet is welcome to attend Homework Club, which takes place in the Library each day after school.

Student Librarians
If you wish to train to be a Student Librarian, or simply want to find out more about what is involved, see the Library Manager in the first instance.