Food Technology

Curriculum Intent

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Year 7

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Year 8


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Year 9

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KS3 Assessment

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Year 10

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Year 11

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Year 12 and 13

Units Taught

  • Meeting nutritional needs of specific groups
  • Current issues in food science and nutrition
  • Food spoilage and bacteria 


Main Skills Developed

This course focuses on developing knowledge in food science and nutrition, it looks at the different needs of specific groups of people and how diet related health problems can be addressed. In year 13 students complete and independent research product on a current issue of their choice within the food industry, students also must complete a risk assessment to suit a food safety brief. Students complete high level practical’s during the two year course and get to experiment with different flavours and cuisines.


How can parents help to support learning?

Encourage students to cook at home, design and develop existing recipes to your tastes and requirements. Take an interest in labelling and discuss ingredients. Watch cookery programmes and take an interest in health issues that are in the news.


Useful Websites


Extra-Curricular opportunities

Work experience within the community


SMSC & British Values 

  • We study a variety of cuisines
  • We discuss sustainability and food production
  • We cook dishes from around the world
  • Animal welfare
  • Food choices