Labour Market Information

Labour market information tells you about the workplace or labour market. Labour market information describes the condition of the labour market, past and present, as well as future projections. It makes clear where work opportunities are increasing or decreasing, what occupations exist, what you need to study to become a professional in that occupation, what is required to take up an occupation, how one can find a job, change job or progress in a career.

LMI for All brings together existing national sources of high quality labour market information (LMI) that can inform people’s choices about their careers. After successfully completing its pilot stage, LMI for All has been given full project status.

Please click the below image for more information on Shape Your Future – Explore your Career Routes, Options and Pathways. This guide will help you research and plan your next steps. 


Labour Market Information - Doncaster

 LMI - South Yorkshire

This is Doncaster

This is Doncaster is an animated resource designed to engage and inspire the future workforce and showcase Doncaster as an exciting place to live, work and socialise.

The video showcases Labour Market Information (LMI), local employers, career opportunities and progression routes. For more information, check out our Made It In Doncaster page to find out first hand from some of Doncaster’s living success stories.


Explore other websites that present information on the UK labour market

  • iCould is a careers website which uses LMI for All to provide context alongside careers videos.
  • U-Explore  provide careers guidance solutions for schools and colleges using LMI for All in Start.
  • SACU is an online source of careers information for young people, parents, teachers and careers advisors.
  • SYMCA - provides information on skills and employment - labour market, employment and vacancies.

Below is a snapshot of the Labour Market Information for South Yorkshire - October 2023.



Careerometer is a useful tool which enables you to compare working hours and average wages of job roles in the UK that you’re interested in pursuing. 

How to use the Careerometer

The Careerometer is a simple way for you to find out more about a specific industry and career. All you need to do is type in the job you’re interested in and then select it from the drop down menu. You can then add more options to compare which route you would prefer to go down. You can find information on a variety of careers from engineering to public services, hair and beauty plus much more!