Absence Reporting

If a child is absent for any reason it is essential that parents/carers contact the academy absence line before 8.00am.

Academy Absence Line: 01405 810868

Please see information under the COVID information tab on the website for updates in relation to COVID-19, including COVID testing and vaccinations.


COVID guidance from 1st April 2022 has changed, all children and young people with COVID should only stay off school if they have a high temperature and feel unwell, and can return once their temperature drops.

We encourage continued use of hygiene measures in the Academy including regular hand washing/sanitising and covering the mouth/nose when coughing or sneezing


Why is good attendance important?

At Trinity Academy we firmly believe that all students benefit from regular school attendance. The aim of this guidance is to minimise the amount of time lost due to absence to maximise the educational potential of every student.  


At Trinity Academy, for an attendance record to be deemed good, it must be 96% or above:


  • 100% Excellent Attendance
  • 98% Very Good Attendance
  • 96% Good Attendance


Each year, a number of students from every year group achieve 100% attendance, emphasising that it is an achievable target. Some achieve this level of attendance year upon year. Absence during term time, for any reason, interrupts a student’s education and risks disrupting their educational progress


Students should aim for 100% attendance:


  • 90% attendance means a student is missing the equivalent of ½ day of education every week
  • Students with less than 90% are classified as Persistent Absentees
  • A student with 80% attendance all the way through secondary school (5 academic years) is missing the equivalent of a whole year of education


Government figures show:


  • At key stage 4, students with full attendance are 1.5 times more likely to achieve 5+ good GCSEs or equivalent and 2.8 times more likely to achieve 5+ good GCSEs including English and mathematics than students with attendance between 80 - 85%
  • At key stage 4 94% or students with no absence achieve 5 good GCSEs or equivalent as opposed to 84.4% who have attendance rates of 90 – 95%



Celebrating Good Attendance


Good attendance is essential for both success at school and being prepared for the world of work. It contributes greatly to the life chances of our students.


As such, we celebrate and promote good attendance by offering weekly, half-termly and termly rewards.


Good attendance and punctuality are also part of the criteria for all our school trips, and our Year 11 Prom.


Good attendance and punctuality will also be automatically be recognised through the automated merits system: 

  • 100% each week – 2 merits
  • No lates each week – 2 merits


Authorised Absence:

Only the Principal may authorise absences. Absences without permission from school will be registered as unauthorised (equivalent to truancy).


‘Exceptional Circumstances’ for absence may include: 

  • illness of student;
  • representative event (for example sport, music or school);
  • religious observance;
  • family bereavement;
  • employer/further education/school interview.


Any other ‘exceptional circumstances’ will be at the discretion of the Principal and a student’s attendance record will be taken into account when deciding whether or not to grant permission for absence.


How will Trinity Academy support attendance?

We closely monitor the attendance of unexplained absence with parents/carers, by telephone and/or by letter. Where a student’s attendance record reaches a concerning level, we will contact parents/carers to discuss ways in which the Academy can support you and your child


We will: 

  • contact parents on the first day if there is unexplained absence
  • consult parents if it is felt that absence is affecting progress
  • encourage punctuality and good attendance as part of safeguarding practice
  • discuss with parents any problems with attendance and punctuality
  • liaise with the LA over specific attendance issues where necessary
  • develop clear procedures to enable students to come to school
  • support families to improve their child’s attendance where necessary
  • refer students with poor attendance to the Local Authority for additional support
  • ensure that all students and parents understand the issues and procedures for attendance
  • ensure that all staff including administrative, support and non-teaching staff as well as governors understand the issues and procedures for registration and attendance
  • determine the correct absence code following Department for Education guidelines
  • closely monitor students on personalised timetables based on individual needs
  • meet students in school to discuss any issues that may be negatively impacting upon their school attendance


As a parent, what are my responsibilities?

By law parents have a duty to educate their children by ensuring regular attendance and excellent punctuality at school or otherwise. In order to facilitate this process, parents with children at Trinity Academy are expected to: 

  • inform school by telephone (01405 810868) on the first morning of any absence before 8 am and call every day of absence to provide an update
  • inform the school of the anticipated return date due to absence and continue to contact school if this changes
  • provide a medical note for absences longer than 5 days
  • ensure that their child gets to school on time
  • ensure that their child catches up on missed work to avoid ‘gaps’ in their knowledge
  • not take family holidays during term time (see further guidance below)
  • attend all school meetings as requested or contact school to re-arrange
  • parents avoid taking leave of absence during term time
  • parents attend any necessary meetings and respond as quickly as possible to any letters and information about their child’s attendance
  • Supporting your child to meet their responsibilities


What are my child’s responsibilities?

Trinity Academy believes that all students should attend regularly if they are to succeed and reach their full potential.

Students should: 

  • Aim for 100% attendance, only being absent through genuine illness
  • Arrive in school in good time for registration at 8.30 am (if they arrive late after 8.30am they will be awarded an L mark pending an explanation for the absence.  If no valid reason is found a detention will be issued)
  • Students on a personalised timetable that includes attendance to offsite and alternative providers must ensure they attend regularly in line with their timetable


What will happen if my child does not attend school regularly?
  • We will contact you if they are concerned about your child’s attendance to offer any support that may be required. A referral could be made to the Attendance and Student Welfare Service if attendance continues to be a concern
  • Doncaster Council will use legislation to enforce attendance at school where parents do not fulfil their duty to ensure their children attend school regularly. Previously this has meant a parent or carer enters into the Local Authority Enforcement Procedure which has led to prosecution in the Magistrates Court
  • Remember school gives your child a wide range of opportunities and experiences both academic and social allowing them to develop their interests and achieve their full potential. Failure to attend school regularly will limit a student’s access to this


What if my child requires leave of absence in Term Time?

In line with the Government’s legislation no requests for holidays can be authorised except in exceptional circumstances. For the school to consider exceptional circumstances an Application for Leave of Absence form must be submitted at least four weeks before the proposed start of the holiday and booking the holiday, together with any supporting evidence.  You may be contacted to discuss your request.  The Leave of Absence form will be returned to you marked either authorised or unauthorised.  All holidays that are unauthorised will be referred to the Local Authority to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice.

 How do I request leave of absence for a family holiday?

All requests should be made on an Application for ‘Leave of Absence’ form which is available from reception.  You should also submit any evidence to support your exceptional circumstances.


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