Exam Information

Year 11 Exam Information Evening Powerpoint presentation

External examinations

From Year 10 onwards, all students will take external examinations. The main external examinations are the GCSEs and A-levels. The summer timetables can be found on this page alongside key guidance for students and parents.

In addition to the external exams, there are a number of GCSE subjects whose students are required to undertake controlled assessments in the classroom, under ‘formal’ or ‘less formal’ conditions, as directed by the exam boards.

These tests are set on specific dates and times in the months prior to the main summer exams and attendance is essential if students are to successfully complete and receive an award for the subject concerned. Students will be given advanced notice of the dates and times of these assessments by their subject teachers.

Further information is available below on sitting controlled assessments. There is also information available on the rules relating to coursework and on-screen tests.

All candidates should be aware of what they are allowed and not allowed to do and bring to exams and in particular that mobile phones and other mobile devices are not permitted. Candidate should also be aware of restrictions regarding the use of social media.

All candidates must familiarise themselves with the information below. These are the regulations that must be followed and rules that must be understand and adhered to for each examination.

Ofqual student Guide 2024

 Important exam information for parents & students summer  GCE Booklet GCSE Booklet   

Rules you must always follow in examinations

Coping with exam pressure - a guide for students

Preparing to sit your examinations

Exam Board – Information to candidates 

Summer External Examinations 2024 GCE & GCSE Timetable

exam timetable 2024.pdf

Useful Links

JCQ - The joint council for Qualification is the single voice for its members awarding bodies.  You can get all the latest updates, key dates and timetables here.

AQAOCRPearsonWJEC  - Here you will find all information relating to the specific boards qualifications, along with the latest key dates and timetables.

Results Day information 

A level 2024 results day will take place this year on Thursday 15th August.  Students will be able to collect their results from 8:00am form the sports hall.  Senior staff will be on hand to help secure any onward destinations and answer any questions.

GCSE 2024 results day will take place this year on Thursday 22nd August.  Students will be able to collect their results from 8:30am form the sports hall. Once students have collected their results they will then be able to enrol into the sixth form.  Staff will be on hand to assist with enrolments.

If a student cannot collect their results and requires a third party to collect on their behalf then please use the permission form below.


A letter will be sent out in November informing students when and how to collect their certificates.  Please note certificates may be destroyed if they are not collected after 12 months. We still have some certificates from previous years in the archives.  If you think we may still hold certificates please email  taexaminations@esf-schools.org.uk with your full name DOB and the year you left school. 

Checking certificates

On collection, Students should carefully check that their personal details (name, date of birth, etc.) are correct and that the correct final grade(s) issued to them is/are shown. All students will be required to sign that they have collected their certificates and confirm they are correct.

If a student cannot collect their results and requires a third party to collect on their behalf, then please use the permission form below.

Lost Certificates

Who to contact - Contact an exam board to get a replacement exam certificate or certified statement of results.

You cannot get a replacement certificate for an O level, CSE, GCSE or A level - your exam board will send you a ‘certified statement of results’ instead. You can use this in place of your exam certificate, for example for a university application.  You may need to prove your identity and pay a fee.

Information for replacement certificates

Rehearsal Examinations

In all year groups, students also have internal examinations. At Trinity we call these rehearsals. Some schools use the word mocks in Years 11 and 13.

It is essential that students prepare effectively for these examinations and develop good study habits that will serve them well in the real, external examinations. Here is some advice that all students can follow as they prepare.

  • Try to reach your revision targets but don’t study too much and leave yourself tired.
  • Get a good night’s rest, eat well and drink plenty of water.
  • Get organised for the exam, checking you have everything you need and understand what is involved.
  • Arrive for your exam early – you will add to the pressure if you are running late.
  • Exam papers contain all of the guidance you need. Take the time to understand the questions, the marks involved and which questions appear difficult. Start with your strongest areas offering the most marks to give yourself a confident start.
  • Make draft notes for long answers to plan your work and help remember all of the key areas.
  • Try and leave enough time to read through your answers before the exam closes.
  • You cannot change answers once the exam is finished so don’t worry about questions you found difficult, or you feel may not be correct. Instead, try to think about how you can improve your approach ready for your next exam.

Many students ask for support with revision techniques. The booklet below has been put together to provide a list of proven techniques that help students with revision. Some techniques will work better for others and in younger years, we recommend that students experiment with different methods to see what works best for them. 

Revision Booklet - Study Skills

Y11 Rehearsal Examinations 

 Y13 Rehearsal Examinations

Y12 Rehearsal Examinations 

examination rehearsals web.pdf

Y10 Rehearsal Examinations