MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) app

MCAS is an online portal/app for parents that enables you to view your child’s performance at school in real-time via the MCAS app or a web browser.

The facility allows your child’s timetable, reports, behaviours, rewards, parental consents and announcements to be accessed whenever the parent/carer wants and is an essential tool for all Trinity Academy parents and carers.

We publish a weekly update every Friday afternoon during term time; if you 'allow notifications' to the app on your device you will receive an alert when the update is published. 

Remember to Allow Notifications from the app on your phone/device so that you get alerts when announcements and push notifications (text messages) are sent to you. 

Accessing the app for the first time


     Download the app

       Select 'Sign Up'

       Enter the school postcode (DN8 5BY) or school id (12054)

       Enter your email address

       MCAS will send you an email to complete your registration


       As with other apps, select 'Reset Password' as and when required









- please use the link to the Parents' guide below

Further help and information can be found here if needed:  Parents’ guide