Rewards are an important part of our procedures; and aim to recognise success in all areas of school life. At Trinity positive contributions lead to exciting opportunities:

Under the recognition scheme, students are acknowledged for:

  • Outstanding work and effort;
  • Outstanding behaviour and attendance;
  • Participation in wider school life e.g. extra-curricular and house activities;
  • Demonstrating outstanding character.


 If a member of staff or tutor wishes to recognise a students’ contribution, then they will place a merit stamp in the students’ planner.  These merits will be counted and recorded on a weekly basis.  The top students in each year group are also highlighted in our ‘Stars of the Week’ presentation that is on display on the plasma TV screens around school and on Twitter (@trinitythorne).

We seek to encourage our students to demonstrate our core values on a daily basis.  Students will receive, from staff, the following merits:

  • Progress
  • Participation
  • Character


In addition to this, students receive 2 automatic merits each week for the following:

  • 100% attendance for each new school week
  • Outstanding behaviour, which means that the student has been involved in no negative incidents in each school week


Students receive a termly progress capture from all of their subject teachers. Academic merits are issued as follows:



Working at target grade

2 merits per subject

Working 1 grade above target grade

4 merits per subject

Working 2 grades above target grade

6 merits per subject

An Rfl grade of 1

2 merits per subject

 Each term the total number of merits are calculated and the top performing students in each year group are recognised at a special Year Group Rewards Assembly.

The House with the most Merits also wins the House Merit Competition.