Pastoral Care

The care you will receive as a member of the Sixth Form is first rate. Throughout your time with us you will be assigned an experienced tutor who will be your first point of contact in most cases. The tutors we use in the Sixth Form are often our most experienced teachers so they will normally be able to help you with any queries you may have. In the Sixth Form we retain the house structure we have in the rest of the school which means your tutor group will be assigned to either Poets, Shepherds or Kings house. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to join a wide range of house competitions and get involved in the friendly rivalry that exists between groups.

In the Sixth Form you will be assigned a tutor. We find this helps you settle in and it helps you make friends in other areas. There is always someone for you to speak to if you need support and we will also tell you if we think you are not performing as well as you should. Our experience tells us that sometimes you need to be held to account and we make sure your parents and carers know if you are not meeting deadlines and keeping pace with your work. We do this because we care about you. Being a Sixth Former means we develop your independence and prepare you for adulthood and our systems of support help us achieve that.