Pupil Premium and Catch Up Premiums

Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is additional funding for schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers. The pupil premium grant is provided for those students recorded on the January census as in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) or have been, at any point over the past 6 years (FSM6). Looked After Children (LAC) and Children with Parents in the Armed Forces are also eligible to pupil premium funding.  The funding for the current academic year 2022-23 is £404,343.


The Pupil Premium context at Trinity Academy 

Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-2020

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-21

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-21 Review September 21

Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-22

Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-22 Review December 22

Pupil Premium Strategy 2022-2023 Review December 23

Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Funding

Up until the 2019-20 academic year, the literacy and numeracy catch-up premium provided schools with additional funding to support year 7 pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of key stage 2 (KS2). The final report for the 2019-20 academic year is provided. 

Year 7 Catch-Up Funding 2019-20