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Remote Learning Contingency Plan for ongoing Teaching and Learning

The government has set out four TIERS which would operate if an outbreak of Covid- 19 were to hit the local or school community. A link to the guidance can be found here.  A summary is below:

Tier 1

At this tier, there are no changes to education and schools remain fully open, but the area is likely to have “local restrictions” outside of education. At this tier, the wearing of face coverings is compulsory in communal areas such as corridors and dining areas. 

Tier 2

At this tier, secondary schools would be requested by the government to limit the number of students on site at any one time by moving to a rota model.

At this tier, the school would follow what we call our“blended learning model”. This involves our teachers looking at each scheme of learning in every subject and deciding on what material and activities would be best delivered in the classroom and what would be best delivered remotely. Students would be fully informed about what they were doing during their time at home.

Tier 3

At this tier, the Government would be announcing that secondary schools will only allow full-time on-site provision to vulnerable children, the children of critical workers and selected year groups (to be identified by Department for Education). Other students will not attend on site. Remote education will be provided for all other students.

Tier 4

At this tier, all schools will be closed to students except: vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. All other students should not attend on site.  Remote education to be provided for all other students.

Information For Parents

Currently, we are operating at Tier 1 – school is fully open. Below you will find the contingency planning for this tier:

Tier 1 (fully open) Details
Most students are in school
  • Students will follow their normal timetable
  • There may be some collapsing of smaller classes in school to allow for staffing but the full timetable will still be offered.
Individual or groups of  students who are self-isolating
  • If possible, and where staffing and the nature of the lesson allows, students may be asked to join a live lesson from home as the teacher delivers it in school. We will prioritise key year groups such as 10-13 for this provision, but this may also be available for other year groups. Students will need to check their Teams classrooms for details.
  • If this is not possible, work will be set in individual classes through Teams. Students should check their classes daily.
  • To supplement this, and to support those students who do not have internet or device access, a weekly schedule of work linked to the revision guides and Knowledge Organisers, has been provided by the academy and can be found on the individual Year group pages. This provision is for students who do not have access to the internet or would like extension work. A guide to using Knowledge Organisers to revise key topics can be found here
  • Students can also self quiz from their current knowledge organisers which can be found here
Whole year group self-isolating
  • All students will be able to access live lessons through Microsoft Teams. Students will be issued with a timetable that blends live lessons with work set on Teams. The timetable, which highlights which lessons will be live, will available on MCAS to download, if we have to stand a year group down. All information regarding live lessons will be posted in Teams. 


Please click on the relevant button below for the learning schedule:

 A Student Guide to Teams and Live Lessons can be found by clicking the link below.