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Accelerated Reading

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Trinity Academy Library

The Trinity Academy library is situated at the heart of the school and serves all students with exceptional access to books and electronic resources, but the library is so much more! Our shelves are stocked with over 15,000 resources, so we are confident that there is something for everyone. We are open from 8:00am to 4.15pm and provide a calm, comfortable place to indulge in reading, research and study, as well as lively, fun activities to encourage a lifelong love of literature.

Library and Information Services

The library is a vibrant place. Our service enables students to borrow resources (including books and DVDs), and enjoy them in the comfort of their own home. Within the library, students will find both fiction and non-fiction books, which are carefully selected to meet the reading interests of most.

Recognising Excellence and Rewarding the Exceptional

Our role within the Academy has grown this year. We have worked closely with our subject colleagues and created a series of reward breaks and competitions. The most recent, and most notable, library event created a tangible sense of excitement around the Academy, as tutor groups celebrated World Book Week with a ‘Book Door’ competition. Students decorated and discussed the books they had been given, and we saw visits to the library increase as a result!

Each half term, we contact our subject colleagues and ask for nominations of students who have demonstrated excellent responsibility for learning. The winners are invited to a break celebration, and provided with tasty treats. Attendance has been amazing and the engagement spectacular!

Next year promises to be even more exciting!

Ask a Question!

The Library Manager, and her team of Student Librarians, are on hand to answer questions and support students, for example, with the choosing of an appropriate resource – but they will not do the work for them! As a service, the library is here to support learning and enable all students to have access to the information they need. Our service is complementary to lessons and supports the Academy’s vision of ensuring students are ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’.

Homework Club

Any student, who wishes to remain at school to do their homework in peace and quiet, is welcome to attend Homework Club, which takes place in the library each day after school until 4.15pm. We do take a register for this, so students must sign in and sign out. Our suite of computers is always in high-demand, so students should ensure they are prompt and ready to work.

Student Librarians

If students wish to train to be a Student Librarian, or they simply want to find out more about what is involved, see the Library Manager in the first instance.

Our Student Librarians are key in ensuring the library runs smoothly. Their duties include a range of tasks such as restocking book shelves, checking out books and updating displays, but they also are involved in many other exciting initiatives within the library.

Student Librarians are carefully selected, and they are ambassadors for the library, so the position comes with a strong sense of responsibility and it is a privilege to be granted the role of Student Librarian. However, our Student Librarians are also a team, and they support the Library Manager in the hosting of events and the delivery of competitions – so it is an exciting opportunity, which will make their time at the Academy even more memorable.