Staff at Trinity Academy take great pleasure in recognising the outstanding achievement of students, whether this be in or out of the classroom.

They do this by stamping the student planner with their merit stamp.  Staff can award up to 3 merits to a single student in a lesson for anything they feel is outstanding.

Some reasons for awarding merits are below:


Students also earn two automatic merits a week for 100% attendance and punctuality.  This is not a cumulative total, so every student has a fresh start each week.

There are also opportunities throughout the year to gain additional merits in special activities and competitions.

Over the course of the year students accumulate as many merits as they can and are given the opportunity to 'cash in' these merits for a reward at our Rewards Shop.  Students can also lose their merits through incidents of negative behaviour.

Rewards are issued at the following tiers:


Merits required for reward

Reward value

















Each Head of Year will also run a termly Rewards trip for the students in their year group.  The criteria for gaining an invitation to go on these trips will vary each time but examples are the students with the most merits in their Year Group, or the students with the best/most improved attendance.

WOW Boards

To promote the outstanding work of our students we publicise the best work on our WOW boards.  Each half term the boards are updated and the best piece of work from each subject area is displayed.  Students whose work is publicised receive additional merits to reflect this outstanding achievement.

Mrs Gibson then judges on which is the best piece of work in each year group.  The winning students are then presented with a special prize.

Pictured below are the most recent WOW board winners:



We hope that students feel valued at Trinity and that together we can create a 'culture of success'.