Local Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible to the Department of Education and Ofsted for the oversight and strategic management of the school. Any enquiries, issues or concerns relating to Trinity Academy should be raised with the Principal or his staff in the first instance, however, parents are free to write to Mr Martin Oldknow, Chair of Governors, if they so wish.

Any letter intended for the Chair of Governors should be addressed to:
Miss C Taylor, Company Secretary, Trinity House, Sixth Avenue, Blyth, NE24 2SY.

A full list of Governors is shown below:

Name of Governor Status Date of Appointment Responsibility
Mr Martin Oldknow  Local Governor 01/08/2014 Chairman
Health & Safety
Mr Mark Harvey  Parent Governor 17/01/2010 Vice Chairman
 * Behaviour and Attendance Governor
Mrs Sally Clifford  Local Governor 01/04/2015 Pupil Premium
Dr Mary Chambers  Local Governor 01/01/2016 * SEN LAC and Safeguarding
Mrs Shirley Hamilton-Plumb  Local Governor 16/03/2018 Student and Parent Voice
Miss Darina Hall  Local Governor 15/02/2019 *Careers/Employment Engagement
Mrs Alison Adair    Local Governor 06/12/2019 *
Mrs Philippa Cousins  Local Governor 10/12/2019 *


Name Status
Mr Jonathan Winch Executive Principal
Mr Darren Warburton Finance Director
Professor Mark Pike CEO
Miss Christine Taylor Company Secretary

The local governing body appoints each governor after the completion of skills audit to ensure a full comprehensive cohort of governors.

The term of office is for a duration of four years after which a governor may be re-elected.  All governors have been appointed by the Local Governing Body unless otherwise stated.

Governance functions are delegated to the  Local Governing Body (“LGB”) by the Board of Emmanuel Schools Foundation.  

The governing body convenes at least twice per term, focusing on curriculum and standards once a term, and finance and resources once a term.

The details of the delegation are contained within a scheme of delegation which can be found here. 

LGB scheme of delegation

The declarations of interests for the LGB Board of Trinity Academy can be found here.

Trinity Academy LGB Declaration of Interest Register

Governor’s attendance at Local Governor Board meetings can be found here.

Trinity Academy LGB Governor Attendance

The registered member of Trinity Academy is Emmanuel Schools Foundation.  The Board of Directors can be found on the ESF website by clicking here

Emmanuel Schools Foundation

The structure of Emmanuel Schools Foundation can be found in the Governance section of the ESF website and the memorandum and articles of association of ESF can be found here.

The Board of Directors can be found on the ESF Website.

The ESF Funding Agreement can be found here.

Trinity Academy’s novated Funding Agreement can be found here.

The current members of Emmanuel Schools Foundation can be found here.

Emmanuel Schools Foundation is the school’s sponsor. Contact details can be found here.