Local Sub-Committees

Each school within the Foundation has two sub-committees, Each sub-committee is populated by local governing body members who are joined by non-voting associate members. An associate member is usually a member of staff with experience in a given area.

The sub-committees will hold to account the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team and will also ensure that best practice is effectively embedded. Both sub-committees report back to the Local Governing Body meetings.

Curriculum and Standards Sub-committee

The ‘Curriculum and Standards Sub-committee’ focuses on teaching, learning and assessment as well as the personal development, welfare and outcomes of all students.  This was originally the Academy improvement board which was put in place on 21 March 2014 but changed its name on 18 July 2016.

Full Details of the committee can be found here – Curriculum and Standards Sub-committee

Finance and Resources Sub-committee

The ‘Finance and Resources Sub-committee’ considers each of its assigned areas in depth. The committee was put in place on 18 July 2016. 

Full Details of the committee can be found here – Finance and Resource Sub-committee