Finance and Resources Sub-committee

Trinity Academy has in place a Finance and Resources Sub-committee which was put in place on 18 July 2016.

The Sub-committee members are:-

Name of Governor Status Date of Appointment
Martin Oldknow Chairman 21.03.14
Mark Harvey Sub-committee Member 21.03.14
Sally Clifford Sub-committee Member 21.03.14
Alison I’Anson Associate member with non-voting rights 13.01.17
Shirley Hamilton-Plumb Sub-committee Member 16.03.18

Governance functions are delegated to the Sub-committee by the the Board of Emmanuel Schools Foundation. The details of the delegation are contained within a scheme of delegation which can be found here.

Local Governing Body scheme of delegation

All governors have declared the nature of their interests (if any) which can be found here:

Trinity Finance and Resources Subcommittee Declarations of interest

Governance attendance at Sub-committee meetings can be found here:

Trinity Finance and Resources Subcommittee Attendance

The Trinity Academy Curriculum and Standards Sub-committee terms of reference can be found here:

Terms of Reference

Any letter intended for the Chair of Governors should be addressed to:
Miss C Taylor, Company Secretary, Trinity House, Sixth Avenue, Blyth, NE24 2SY.