Principal’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the website for Trinity Academy.

We are confident that at Trinity we provide a rigorous and productive learning environment where children are both challenged and supported.   Our conviction is that education should address the whole of what it means to be a happy, fulfilled and successful adult; as such, we offer a broad range of co-curricular activities to supplement and enhance the experiences gained in the classroom.   We have high expectations of all our students and are determined that each young person will have the opportunity to shine during their time with us – and enjoy themselves in the process!

We believe that our Christian values of honesty, integrity, compassion, determination, courage, humility and honourable purpose are timeless values and they embody the way we should behave and treat each other in order to ensure a successful and happy school experience.

For us it is vital that we work in partnership with our parents and carers, as we recognise that you are the biggest influence on a young person and we want to work in partnership with you to support your child’s development. Together, the staff and students create a vibrant and engaging school where I know if you are a prospective parent or carer, your child will thrive. I look forward to meeting with you; if you would like any further information please contact the academy.