Uniform Shop Summer 2020 Information

The School Uniform Shop within the Academy is closed due to COVID-19.
We will not be operating an appointment system or any open selling days.
From Monday 1 June 2020, we are launching a new online uniform store, where you will be able to purchase your child’s uniform.

Please click here to view your school uniform website.

There you will find all the information you require to order your child’s uniform.
If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact:

Donna Owens or Melaine Banks

Why do we have a uniform?

There are many sound, practical reasons for having a uniform. Perhaps the most obvious is that it removes the burden of having to decide what to wear each day! The real reason for the Trinity uniform, however, has to do with our core values and ethos:

  • We want our students to look their best because we believe in encouraging them to give their best in every area of their lives.
  • The uniform provides a sense of identity, reminding students that they belong to one another.
  • It promotes our Academy’s excellent reputation in the community.
  • It helps prevent bullying because of what someone is wearing and it ensures that no one feels excluded from ‘the group’ because of what they are wearing.
  • It means that we do not flaunt our wealth or cause offence to others because of what we wear.
  • It prepares students for the world of work.

Having the correct uniform and equipment allows students to be ready for lessons and puts the focus on what students are here to do… to think about their work.

As with everything worthwhile, having a high standard of uniform does require sacrifice on a personal level: students cannot pursue a fashion in the Academy through the way they dress or wear their hair. Students are asked to respect this, keeping their preference for a particular trend for evenings, weekends and holidays. Any fashion enhancements made over a holiday must be removed before return to the Academy.

Compulsory day wear


  • Burgundy blazer with badge (Years 7-11) *
  • Academy tie *
  • White shirt – ordinary standard 
  • Black trousers (not tight fitting) 
  • Plain black socks


  • Burgundy blazer with badge (Years 7-11) *
  • Academy tie *
  • White blouse – ordinary standard – not a fitted blouse 
  • Black pleated skirt or black trousers (not tight fitting) 
  • White ankle socks with skirts  (Summer term Years 7-9)
  • Plain black opaque tights (40-70 denier) with skirts at all other times
  • Socks worn with trousers must be plain black

NB: The tie changes as students move from Year 8 into Year 9. 

* Items featuring an asterisk must be purchased from the school shop.

Sixth Form uniform

There is a separate, compulsory uniform for Sixth Form students. It comprises a black suit jacket, black trousers or, for girls, a black skirt. All boys will be expected to wear the Academy Sixth Form tie. There are separate regulations in relation to hairstyles and girls’ jewellery in the Sixth Form in recognition of students’ age and standing as young adults.

The P.E. kits, for Sixth Form, will be the same as Years 7-11.

Compulsory wear for physical education

The outdoor kit is based on the Academy colour of burgundy and includes an Academy rugby/hockey top. All students will need a pair of football/hockey boots as well as a pair of stout black outdoor training shoes for work on the all- weather surfaces.


  • Burgundy/white rugby/hockey shirt *
  • Black shorts (plain, no logo) *
  • Burgundy/white rugby/hockey socks *
  • Black/Burgundy games skirt (girls) *
  • Black leather trainers (non-marking soles)


  • White polo shirt with badge *
  • Black shorts *
  • White sports socks
  • White leather trainers (non-marking soles)

Those students who prefer to wear the approved tracksuit bottoms rather than shorts may do so.

In addition to the items listed above, all students are able to shower at the end of each physical education lesson and will therefore need to bring a towel. Wet towels will of course need to be kept away from books and files in bags.


The Trinity Academy rucksack and sports bag are compulsory for Years 7-11. These items are only available from the school shop. The school shop is open every Thursday from 3.15pm – 4.45pm.

By carrying a sensible bag to the Academy, students can ensure that books and other equipment are well looked after and in a fit state for work. They must therefore be robust and big enough to carry something as large as an A4 folder. The Trinity Academy rucksack is fit for purpose as the two shoulder straps allow the weight of the bag to be spread evenly across the shoulders.


If a belt is needed it must be black with a plain buckle fastening – no labels or designer logos are allowed.


Coats, for similar reasons to bags, must be burgundy, dark green, navy blue or black, rather than loud or garish. Denim, leather or paramilitary coats are specifically prohibited. Burgundy or black scarves are allowed. Expensive coats of any style are strongly discouraged. Coats should have no logos, adornments or labelling although reflective strips are strongly encouraged for those walking to school. No hoodies allowed.


Hair should be neat, tidy and sensible.

Hair must not be dyed, streaked or coloured, including through the use of colour shampoos, colour enhancers or natural colourants such as lemon juice.

Fringes must be kept above eye-brow level for boys and girls.

Boys’ hair should be above collar height and of a uniform length (not significantly shorter at the back and side than on the top). It must be longer than a ‘grade 2’.

Boys in Years 7-11 must stay clean shaven once it becomes necessary to shave.

Girls’ hair should be tied back securely with burgundy or black bands, ribbons, clips or Alice bands. Hair should be clipped back so it does not fall across the face.

Make-up and Jewellery

No make-up, false nails or nail varnish are permitted in Years 7-11 and, although students are welcome to wear a watch, no other jewellery such as rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets is permitted.

A modest amount of make-up is allowed in Sixth Form, as is a single ring and, for girls only, a bracelet and/or neck chain and a single pair of ear-studs (not earrings) – one in each ear lobe. All such jewellery must be removed in practical lessons, including PE.


All students must wear plain, black, sensible shoes which can be polished. Shoes with distinctive fashion features, such as buckles, logos and tags, are not permitted as a normal part of the day wear, and neither are shoes with heavy sole cleats or wedged heals. Girls’ shoes with kitten or stiletto heels are a hazard to wooden floors and in emergency situations, such as rapid evacuation of the building, and are therefore not permitted.

Boots and training shoes will not be permitted, although the latter are obviously appropriate for P.E. Ballet-style shoes are also unacceptable as they provide no protection for the foot should anything fall on them. For this same reason, all shoes are expected to cover the top of the foot.

Students should wear black socks only. However, girls wearing skirts are permitted to wear plain black tights or white ankle socks (summer only).

To assist parents and students purchasing footwear for use at Trinity Academy, we have produced some style guides which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.


Trousers must be straight leg, not tight fitting. If the trouser clings to the leg below the knee it is not permitted. We strongly recommend purchasing trousers from the school shop.

The EAS Schoolwear Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open on Thursdays from 3.15pm-4.45pm.  Apart from the Summer holiday period (when a different operating schedule applies) the shop is closed during holidays and on Teacher Training Days. 

If you are unable to visit the shop during opening hours and know the items/sizes that you require, you can now place your order by phone.  Call us on 01405 810880, leave a message including your name, the items required and your daytime contact telephone number.  Our team will then check for the items when the shop reopens and call you to arrange payment over the phone.  Items may then be collected from Reception. 

Useful information (please click on titles to download):