Trinity Academy opened in September 2005 and replaced Thorne Grammar School as it celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Serving the townships of Thorne and Moorends, in the north-east of Doncaster, Trinity is part of Emmanuel Schools Foundation and is also a part of the Academies Programme. Specialising in Business and Enterprise, it is built on the playing fields of the former Grammar School but is non-selective and shares the values of Emmanuel College, The King’s Academy and Bede Academy in encouraging all of its staff and students to reach out for their own individual ‘personal best’. Trinity has a non denominational Christian ethos and welcomes staff and students of all faiths and none, whilst building on clear core values.

Operating within a one-school town, Trinity recognises its place within the regeneration of Thorne, situated as it is on the M18 corridor stretching up to the expanding Doncaster Airport. Invited by Doncaster Local Authority to be part of this renewal, Trinity has quickly established a reputation for high standards of behaviour, appearance and attitude, with students regularly achieving public recognition for their work inside and beyond the classroom.