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The Art & Textiles department is situated on the ground floor in a suite of rooms, three being designated Art rooms, one a Textiles room and the last is a darkroom.

As a department we offer Fine Art and Textiles courses at GCSE and A Level. All of our courses are examined and moderated by AQA.

Our Key Stage 3 course offers our pupils a range of experiences which cover Art and Textiles work including drawing, painting, collage and mixed media. In addition to this we run after-school clubs for KS3, KS4 and KS5 which include a Painting Club and a Textiles Club for KS3.

For KS4 and KS5 we run dedicated nights for the GCSE and A Level students for coursework catch-up sessions or homework completion. At various points in the year separate workshops are run for individual groups in order to complete mini projects which can be used towards their portfolios of work.

Key Stage 3

This is a rotational subject during Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) for all students. During this time the following topics and skills are covered:

    • Natural Form
    • Observational Drawing
    • Mark Making
    • Colour Work
    • Painting
    • Mark Hearld
    • Collage
    • Hundertwasser
    • Textiles
    • Matisse
    • Figure and Movement
    • Portraiture
    • Pop Art
    • Jasper Johns
    • Mixed Media

Key Stages 4 & 5

Beyond Key Stage 3 students can choose to take either ‘Fine Art’ or ‘Art & Textiles’. Textiles is a creative Art based course. Both courses are offered at GCSE and as a full A Level.