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Law Year 12 – Map of Learning 2019-20
Law Year 13 – Map of Learning 2019-20

A small but highly successful department which is getting bigger all the time, Law helps to broaden the scope of A Levels offered at Trinity.

Head of Law Mr R Mapletoft MA (Cantab) (Cambridge) has personally contributed more than 70 PowerPoint presentations to an electronic version of the standard text-book and we have used them at Trinity Academy for several years.

Over Years 12 and 13 the course includes the following topics:

The English Legal System and Sources of Law

  • Law Reform
  • The Rule of Law
  • Justice and Morality
  • Legal Personnel
  • Criminal Courts and Sentencing
  • Civil Courts and Remedies
  • Alternatives to the Courts
  • Judicial Precedent
  • Delegated or Secondary Legislation
  • European Law

Criminal Law

  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Non-fatal Offences:  from Assaults to Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Theft and Robbery
  • Defences
  • Strict Liability
  • Attempted Crime

The Law of Tort

  • Negligence
  • Occupiers’ Liability
  • Nuisance
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Defences in Tort

Human Rights

  • The Right to Life
  • The Right to Liberty and Security
  • Respect for Private and Family Life
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom of Assembly and Association