Media Studies

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Media – Map of Learning 2019-20

The Media Department is a vibrant department which offers both Media Studies and Film Studies options to students in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. All courses offer students the opportunity to study both practical and theoretical elements of the media and film industries at large.

The department is staffed by experts in both fields, who have extensive experience in teaching the subjects but who also come from backgrounds working in the media industry.

Our facilities include fully equipped computer suites (both PCs and MacBooks), video recording equipment and editing software, digital camera equipment, games consoles, a DVD library plus access to a wet lab and darkroom for print photography.

We strive to give students a hands-on experience of life in the media industry.

Key Stage 4

Media Studies is offered to students in Key Stage 4 as a BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Creative Media Production, which engages and prepares students for either academic or vocational progression after Year 11.

The creative media sector is a dynamic, growing and rewarding sector to work in, with new opportunities arising continually. The UK’s creative industries as a whole are now worth over £84 billion per year to the UK economy. Working in the creative media industry involves a wide range of practical processes, skills and techniques, from broadcast media to increasingly interactive products and platforms. As digital technology continues to evolve, media techniques have become more sophisticated and media products are becoming more advanced. However, what hasn’t changed is that media products still have the power to enthral, intrigue and affect audiences.

The current Year 11 are studying Media Studies as a GCSE subject following the Eduqas examination board syllabus.

On both courses, the following topics are covered:

  • Media Industries and Media Audiences
  • Research for Media Products
  • Reviewing Computer Games
  • Print Production
  • Photography Techniques
  • Video Production
  • Interactive Media Production

Film Studies is offered as a GCSE option with the Eduqas examination board and leads directly into further study at A Level or a vocational pathway. The changing landscape of the film industry in the UK has seen rapid growth and development in the north, with significant investment in Yorkshire in particular making this an exciting and accessible career pathway.

On the GCSE Film course the following topics are covered:

  • Key Elements of Film Form
  • The Contexts of Film
  • Technological Development in the Film Industry
  • American Mainstream Cinema
  • Independent Cinema
  • World Cinema
  • Screenwriting and Production Skills

Key Stage 5

Media Studies at Trinity Academy started as an A Level course and we continue to offer it. During the course we cover the following topics:

  • Analysing Media Language and Representation
  • Understanding Media Industries and Audiences
  • Television in the Global Age
  • Magazines: Mainstream and Alternative Media
  • Media in the Online Age
  • Cross Media Production

The two-year course comprises 30% practical production and 70% examination, and follows the Eduqas examination board specification.

Film Studies also follows the Eduqas specification, and encompasses a wide range of film styles and theories. The examination is worth 70% of the grade, but there is also the opportunity to develop practical skills in script-writing and creating professional standard storyboards, and these together are worth 30% of the final qualification.

The course also includes the study of:

  • Classic Hollywood Cinema
  • New Hollywood
  • British Cinema
  • Global Film
  • Documentary Film
  • Film Movements: Silent Cinema
  • Film Movements: Experimental Film