Results – 2015 GCSE

GCSE results 2015

Luke Pike
Luke Pike

A top athlete has run away with top honours after gaining a clean sweep of A*s in his GCSEs.

Luke Pike led from the front at Trinity Academy, where the 16-year-old is a multi-record breaking middle distance runner and footballer.

Luke is a former Manchester City development squad player and has represented South Yorkshire in the English Schools Cross Country Championships and Doncaster in South Yorkshire Athletics. Luke was not the only student to combine sporting success with academic achievement.

Yasmin Mosby, who last year was honoured with the Barry Marks Award, the top prize in Trinity Academy’s annual sports awards, gained five A*s and four As.

She is an academy record breaker at 800m and javelin, has won titles at the Doncaster Schools Athletics Championship and plays football for Sheffield Ladies.

Yasmin Mosby
Yasmin Mosby

The other top performers at the academy were:

Chloe Gardiner, with three A*s and seven As
Morgan Wardle, with seven A* and three As
Katie Allott, with five A* and six As
Caitlin Houlbrook, with four A*s and seven As.

Overall, the academy improved on its performance five A*-C performance including English and maths, while it hit 100 per cent for students achieving five A*-G grades.

Almost one third of students achieved the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), gaining at least a C grade across the core subjects of English, maths, sciences, history or geography and a foreign language.

Principal David Page said:

“We are encouraged by these results which show an increase in the number of students making expected or greater than expected progress in maths and English and a significant increase in the number of A and A* grades.

There is still work to do and the dedication of our staff team to continue this upward trajectory is undiminished, but for today we celebrate the success and hard work of our GCSE students.”


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