Results – 2016 GCSE

GCSE results 2016 – Academy students buck national trends

Once again Trinity students performed admirably in their GCSE examinations with many personal triumphs and a great deal of collective success.

Headline figures have increased dramatically with a 9% increase in the proportion of students gaining the coveted 5 A* to C grades including English and Mathematics. Trinity students also performed well on the Government’s new progress measures with significant improvements in Attainment 8 and Progress 8 scores predicted. There was also a further increase in the number of A* grades with 89 recorded in total, building impressively on last year’s record level of A/A* grades. In addition there were improved results for boys and those students in receipt of the Pupil Premium.

A number of students performed very well. A selection of the top performers is shown below;

Francesca Middleton – 8 A* grades and 2 A grades

Jack Parkinson – 10 A* grades

Gemma Powell – 9 A* grades

Bartosz Swedziol – 6 A* grades and 4 A grades

Jessica Griggs – 1 A* grade, 7 A grades and 1 B grade

Rebecca Harvey – 2 A* grades, 4 A grades, 3 B grades and 1 C grade

Christie Charnley – 3 A* grades, 2 A grades, 3 B grades and 1 C grade

Ethen Green – 3 A* grades, 2 A grades and 4 B grades

Phillip Gwynn – 1 A* grade, 5 A grades, 2 B grades and 1 C grade

Francis Sykes – 2 A* grades, 3 A grades and 4 B grades

This is all the more impressive given a national picture of falling examination results with some papers describing the worst GCSE results in 10 years. Once again Trinity students lead the way with an excellent set of results and it is incredibly pleasing to see all the hard work pay off. Well done to all and let’s hope next year brings more good news.