House Competition

Every student and member of staff belongs to one of three houses: Kings, Poets or Shepherds. Throughout the year there are a number of house competitions. For each competition the winners receive 9 points, runners up 6 points and third place 3 points (if it’s a tie then points are shared accordingly). At the end of the year the house who has achieved the most points wins the coveted house cup.

Above: Poets were the winners of the 2018/2019 House cup for the first time in 10 years. Pictured are Poets house captains Jessica Elsey and Reid Pugh with the coveted trophy.
2019 Poets
2018 Shepherds 
2017 Shepherds 
2016 Shepherds 
2015 Shepherds 
2014 Shepherds 
2013 Shepherds 
2012 Shepherds 
2011 Shepherds 
2010  Kings
2009  Poets
2008  Shepherds
2007 Shepherds 
2006  Shepherds

There is something for everybody to have a go at in the house competitions, please do take a look….

Football Basketball Quiz
Rugby 7’s Cross County Netball
Cricket Rounders Badminton
Talent Show Dance Mats Short Story Competition
Benchball Maths Challenge Hockey
Talent Show Bake Off Rounders
Cricket Tennis Athletics
Fishing House Photography