House Competition 2019-2020

House Competition Current Standings 

After seven events, the current standings in the House Competition are as follows:

House Score
Kings 12
Poets 11
Shepherds 19

House Football

The House Football Finals night took place on a cold and dark Tuesday 10th December.

Due to the Year 8 competition not being finished due to a school closure day and a careers event, it meant that there were only finals for Years 7 and 9.

The Year 7 final featured the Shepherds versus the Kings. This was a very tight game between two evenly matched teams. Shepherds ran out narrow 4–3 winners, their goals coming from Callum Haywood (2), Louis John Fowler and Harley Jones. In response the Kings’ goals were scored by Luke Cassidy, Ethan Humphreys and Jake Hedley. Mr Middleton, who refereed the match, was very impressed by the standard of play on show and picked out Callum Haywood as the man of the match.

The Year 9 game was also a very hard-fought contest; this time between the Shepherds and the Poets. Neither side gave an inch in their pursuit of victory, with all players showing huge levels of commitment and endeavour. It was perhaps a fair result when the game ended 1–1. Nathaniel Booth scored for the Shepherds, with Logan Hodges responding for the Poets.

When the results of the finals were added to the results from the PE lesson preliminary rounds, the final scores were:

House Points Position
Kings 15 3rd
Shepherds 26 1st
Poets 17 2nd

Well done to the Shepherds who notched up yet another House competition victory for 2019.

House Hockey

Following a week of competition in PE lessons the finals night was played on Tuesday 10th December.

Poets and Kings contested both the Year 7 and Year 9 finals. Unfortunately, due to a number of girls failing to attend, we had to play a mixed year group game.

This did not detract from the quality of hockey on display and the Year 7 students certainly held their own when playing amongst the more experienced Year 9 girls. The game ended with a convincing 4–0 victory to the Kings.

Mrs Seve was impressed with the standard on show and hopes that this is a sign of things to come when we start our hockey season after Christmas. She picked out Martha Holt (Year 7 – Kings) and Abbie Lyne (Year 9 – Kings) as the players of the game. Well done to these two girls but also the following girls for representing their houses so well:

Kings Poets
Jessica Moore Sarah Gregory
Grace Mitcheson Sophie Hodgson
Martha Holt Diana Hamdi
Megan Stables Casey Crowcroft
Heather Johnson Josie Swift
Layla Holmes Georgia Gilbert
Abbie Lyne  
Ella Jowitt  

When these results were added to the results from the preliminary rounds the final scores were:

House Score Position
Kings 20 1st
Poets 17 2nd
Shepherds 13 3rd

House Rugby

In the last week of the autumn half-term, the house rugby competition culminated with finals night. This followed preliminary rounds which took place during PE lessons and from which the top two houses in each year group competed in a final.

The teams were made up of players who had been selected because of their performances in the preliminary rounds, so it was a real honour to represent their respective houses. Parents were also invited to attend to add to the atmosphere and it was great to see so many there.

Shepherds won both the Year 7 and Year 9 finals. In the Year 7 final they dominated the game against Kings, with notable performances from Callum Haywood, Daniel Rooth and Owen Dunning. In this particular final it was great to see so many of the boys who attend rugby practices week in and week out put their skills to the test. In the Year 9 final the rugby experience of Harry Graves and Matthew Thompson gave Shepherds the edge; however, Jake Cassidy was superb for Kings.

The Year 8 contest was probably the most exciting game. Poets managed to defeat Kings in this particular final, but both teams gave their all and the standard of rugby was very high. Ryan Emerson and James May led the Poets team well. Ben Grundy performed particularly well for the Kings.

The rugby finals night results were as follows: Year 7 – Shepherds 35-10 Kings, Year 8 – Poets 30-10 Kings, Year 9 – Shepherds 25-10 Kings.

When these results were added to the results from the preliminary rounds, the final scores were:

House Score Position
Kings 28 2nd
Poets 24 3rd
Shepherds 32 1st

House Netball

House Netball took place on Tuesday 22 October and with floods of talented young ladies rushing down to PE to get changed quickly, we knew it was going to be a good evening. Stepping out onto the MUGA, it was a dream to see Year 9 students organising a warm-up for all students ready for evening to commence.

First up was the Year 7 game with Shepherds versus Poets. We knew it was going to be a tight game with the number of keen netballers attending training after school every Tuesday with Mrs Fitzgerald. The same eager faces were selected for House Netball. Both teams were eager to win the game and it was extremely close by half time. However, Shepherds continued their strong performance and finished the game with five goals compared to Poets’ three. Player of the match went to Martha Holt.

Next the Year 8 game; a stand-off between Shepherds and Kings. I was hoping to snap up some new netball talent from this game to play for school but unfortunately the Kings team only had one player, even though the girls had received written invitations to the finals night. However, Mrs Fitzgerald’s inspirational coaching paid off as we had an extra seven Year 7 students eager to play netball and they slotted into the Kings team. Shepherds used their experience to their advantage and quickly dominated the game, with Lucy Evans picking off balls from every direction and as centre she really was everywhere on the court. Lily Asquith’s strong shoulder pass and vision saw the play move quickly from defence to attack for the Shepherds. With the final score 6-0 to Shepherds, the girls really did dominate the game with goals from Zara Kovacs, Evie Benson and Libby-Mae Noble.

Year 9 girls were next up; the battle was on against Shepherds and Kings. Both teams had a full team and they came on court wanting the win. Shepherds dominated in the first half of the game with a 3-0 lead over Kings. The intercepting skills of Jose Swift, Lucy Hawkins along with Janey Place made sure the ball didn’t stay long in defence but was quickly passed on to Georgia Gilbert and Phoebe Taylor, the mid-court players. The shooters of Milly Morgan, Alexia Suptirelu and Sophie Robinson made sure the win was a definite with a final of five goals at the end of the match. The Kings team took a little longer to get into the match and scored their two goals in quick succession in the second half of the game. Both goals were scored by Alice Sanderson, who has a very accurate shot, but unfortunately Kings just couldn’t get the ball to her enough during the game. The Year 9 Shepherd of the game went to Lucy Hawkins with her determination on the court and interceptions of the ball.

Well played to all involved and special thank you to the parents who showed their support on the side-lines; it was lovely to see so many cheering on the girls at the side. Thank you to Mrs Fitzgerald and Mrs Seve for running the evening and giving so many young ladies a taste of competitive netball, with the hope of them joining extra-curricular club and clubs outside of school.

Overall breakdown of results: Kings – 26, Poets – 20, Shepherds – 38.

Finals matches scores were as follows: Y7 – Shepherds 3-1 Poets, Y8 – Shepherds 6-0 Kings, Y9 – Shepherds 5-2 Kings.

House Quiz

Students, siblings, parents, grandparents, staff and the House Captains all came together on Thursday to compete in the House Quiz. The turnout was excellent and it was fantastic to see students from all year groups involved in the pursuit of House points.

The quiz involved ten rounds of ten questions on topics such as literature, sport, film and the history of Trinity Academy. There were also rounds based on catchphrases, logos and landmarks. Perhaps the most difficult round was the mathematical challenges round where competitors had to rack their brains solving mathematical puzzles, all with not a calculator in sight.

Each team was able to play a Joker in one of the rounds, where if they scored 7 or more then their score was doubled for that particular round. Most teams played their joker in the logos round which helped to boost their respective scores.

The teams were also refreshed with a pie and pea supper prepared by our wonderful canteen staff. This proved very popular amongst the competitors.

The competition was fun and enjoyable throughout the quiz, with each team having their own moment of glory in a particular round. Once all of the rounds were complete, Mr Potts quickly calculated the scores amongst eager anticipation.

The results were then announced as follows:

House Score Position
Shepherds 216 1st
Kings 187 2nd
Poets 157 3rd

The Shepherds team were jubilant as they gained another three house points in their pursuit of regaining the House Cup, which Poets took from them last year after a nine-year unbroken run of victories.

House Cross-Country

A week full of cross-country competition began on 16 September. This gave every student in Years 7 to 11 the opportunity to represent their respective house for the first time this year.

The event was run in glorious weather and involved students completing one lap of the perimeter of our school playing fields, which is just over one mile in length.

There were some fantastic performances throughout the week. A summary of the winners and times of each year group race is indicated below:

Student name Race House Time
Callum Haywood Y7 Boys Shepherds 6.48 mins
Sarah Gregory Y7 Girls Poets 9.21 mins
Mason Thomas Y8 Boys Shepherds 6.57 mins
Georgia Huby Y8 Girls Poets 8.45 mins
Ben Stobart Y9 Boys Kings 6.28 mins
Phoebe Taylor Y9 Girls Poets 7.06 mins
Kian Blandford Y10 Boys Shepherds 5.51 mins
Ella Grain Y10 Girls Shepherds 7.51 mins
Daniel Bailey Y11 Boys Poets 5.42 mins
Hannah Sanderson Y11 Girls Shepherds 9.00 mins

Despite the students’ pride and glory of winning individual races, this was a team competition. The winning house in each race was calculated based on the positions of the first five competitors from each house. The positions of these top five were then added together to see which house had won each particular race. The results of each cross-country competition were as follows:

House Y11 Boys Y11 Girls Y10 Boys Y10 Girls Y9 Boys Y9 Girls Y8  Boys Y8 Girls Y7 Boys Y7 Girls Results
Kings 1 1 2 1 3 1 1 1 2 2 15
Poets 3 2 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 3 19
Shepherds 2 3 3 3 2 3 3 3 3 1 26

Shepherds again proved too good for the other houses in this competition.