Sport is a major focus at Trinity Academy. We firmly believe it helps to develop the character of the students to create well-rounded individuals. We fully understand the value of school sport and the many physical and social benefits it can bring. In giving students the opportunity to try a much wider variety of sports we are able to increase participation levels, develop talent and help young people lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Activities are provided at both recreational and competitive levels. This serves to cater for the interests and needs of all, whilst embedding a love of physical activity in students. We have an extensive team of highly qualified staff who willingly support the running of teams and clubs in all major sports. We aim to help all young people achieve their sporting best in school and their personal best in life.

The success of the Academy sports teams are celebrated at the Annual Sports Awards evening. Teams compete at the highest level in both regional competitions and beyond. In recent years the teams have won numerous competitions and represented the district in various sporting events.