BBC Schools Tour inspires Trinity students

By Madeleine, BBC Young Reporter

This Wednesday morning Trinity students from years 8, 9 and 10 were introduced to several visitors from the BBC: Kim Boak, a producer for BBC Bitesize; Dan Tunstall, a self employed lighting technician and Christian Carlisle, a presenter at BBC Radio Sheffield. The event was hosted by radio presenter and DJ Sarah Story, who shared her experiences with the students and interviewed the rest of the panel.

The visit provided an inspiring insight into the world of media, and emphasised the diversity of careers available to students in the future. Year 10 student Antonia said afterwards: “I thought it was interesting and  would definitely consider a career in the creative industries now.”

The guests each shared their individual stories, which highlighted  just how many different paths there are into the world of work, and gave a brief idea of what their jobs are.

Throughout the session the visitors gave advice, in particular discussing how to be more confident, which is a relevant topic for young people.

They also used media clips which were lively and engaging – and students were impressed by Dan Tunstall’s first-hand experience of working of Lewis Capaldi’s latest music video ‘Someone you Loved’ which is currently number one in the charts. The session then finished with a range of questions from students.

Before leaving the visitors encouraged students to get involved, leaving them with the idea that everyone has the ability to work in their industry, since more creative jobs are being created all the time.

The visit was an incredible opportunity and will undoubtedly inspire students to  strive for the future they want.

World Book Day

By Evie B and Lily K, BBC Young Reporters

World Book Day is the biggest celebration of its kind, taking place on Thursday 7th March 2019. This year it is celebrating its 22nd anniversary. The idea of World Book Day is that everyone can have a book and enjoy reading together. A special cause.

Taking place in 100 countries around the world, most schools are given the opportunity to take part in the design-a-book-token competition. The prizes are definitely worth it! Students are also given a free book token to use in shops (which allows them to choose either a free book or a pound off a book of their choice).

A teacher at Trinity Academy, Mrs Linsdell who is the second in the English department, was interviewed on her thoughts.

“I think that World Book Day is a great way to send out the message of how important reading is,” she said.

“My favourite book is The Lord of the Rings because I am interested in that type of genre. Although it is difficult to read I would undoubtedly recommend it.”

“I guess that I do enjoy reading and it is very important to read. Not just in general but for me to become an English teacher it was also necessary for that too.”

If you want to find more information on World Book Day, you can visit…

Happy World Book Day! And keep reading!

Brexit: the next steps

By Agata and Luke, BBC Young Reporters

Brexit is an issue which is very important to all residents of the United Kingdom. But how will this actually affect people and their everyday lives? Brexit is a serious matter which revolves around England leaving the European Union. In 2016 the government held a referendum to leave the European Union, the vote to leave was quite close with staying (52%, 48%).We have three options to choose from: to stay, to leave with no deal or to choose the current deal.

At this current time, the current deal is a 585-page document stating the legal agreements between Britain and the European Union created by Theresa May. In this document, it states everything from trade to the transition period.

The most controversial aspect of the current Brexit deal is the £39 billion ‘divorce bill’ that the European Union are charging us to pay back all of the debts that we owe them. However, many countries who are still in the EU currently owe us so much more than this. For example, according to figures from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) France, the second largest economy currently owes the UK in excess of €227 billion, Germany also owes the UK €141.1 billion and Spain also owes €74.9 billion. All of this combined is more than enough to pay for the divorce bill and so much more. At this date, many public services in the UK are under strain as they don’t have the funds to keep running whereas if these European countries payed off their debts then many services would be able to keep running and provide the support that the UK citizens really need.

Furthermore, many EU and British citizens are arguing about the new deal on trading within Europe. Many believe that businesses will be unable to keep running as many of their buyers are from within the EU and so if the new trade tariffs come into effect then many businesses will not be able to pay to trade with other businesses or buyers and so they may have to shut down. This leads to a decrease in the UK economy. One of the people we interviewed said that he didn’t support the current deal and said that “it will damage our trade” and looking at the statistics, the current economic situation is that the pound has fallen since we voted to leave.

The graph below represents how the pound compares the worth of the Pound to the Euro and at the moment it is at a constant low compared to what it was before we had the referendum as it peaked at around 1.43 Euros per Pound.

No deal means we decline the deal which Theresa May negotiated with the European Union. There would be no transition period which could damage relations between UK and the EU. This would mean that the government would not need to pay an annual fee of £13 billion to the European Union. This saved money could be used in the education system or healthcare. However, this would result in the European Union not giving England funding. There are many buildings inside the UK which have been funded by the EU, therefore it could be difficult to organise the money in terms of where it goes.

An obvious problem with no deal would be that EU hauliers may be less likely to travel to England and do business, as the EU has specific rules in place for trade and the UK would not need to follow these rules any more. This could damage trade routes which could result in a shortage of items in the UK. 8 out of every 10 lorries on English roads are from EU haulage companies. If EU hauliers refused to do business with UK after no deal, this could make prices of food, clothing and other items rise.

England has foreseen this problem, and to reduce the disturbance of business, they have allowed EU lorries to use their licences in the UK. A lot of business owners have been buying items in bulk, in case no deal comes forward. This means that nobody really knows what is going to happen. We interviewed a few people about how they think no deal will impact the UK. Mr. Williams said that he thinks “it would damage our trading and it would be disastrous” which shows that many people worry for the trade of UK after a possible no deal Brexit.

Three out of the five people we interviewed said they voted to remain, and two said they are stronger on their views to stay now. This small vote is similar to the referendum as all the votes are close to being half. The vote is very close on staying or leaving, however remain won in this vote, while of course leave won the real referendum.

The other option would be a second referendum to stay or remain. While this seems like a nice way to resolve Brexit, the issue with this would be that it breaks the idea of democracy. The majority has voted to leave, and therefore democracy says we need to leave. 39% of British people want a second referendum, but this would build uncertainty as to whether the EU would take the UK back. The EU would most likely refuse to take UK back, since for two years the UK has stuck with leaving.

A second referendum would cost around £129 million of taxpayers’ money, which many would disagree with. The EU and other countries could also see England as indecisive and therefore not trade with us, since UK would be seen as not finishing what it starts.

33% of British people said they support the current deal, 28% said they want a no deal Brexit therefore it would make sense to hold a second referendum with a 39% vote. However, if the government wouldn’t listen to the results of one referendum and listen to the results of a second referendum, this could result in fights between the people and the government.

BBC Bitesize School Tour comes to Trinity

By Evie R, Tilli B and Evie B, BBC Young Reporters

Today, a BBC Bitesize team came to visit Trinity Academy to provide information to our Year 8, 9 and 10 students on career opportunities within the creative arts industry.

The panellists were:

Kim Boak: Producer @ BBC Bitesize

Dan Tunstall: Lighting Technician @ Tunstell Film Services LTD

Christian Carlisle: Presenter @ BBC Introducing Radio Sheffield

The host was: Sarah Story

When Christian Carlisle was young he was very stubborn because he wanted to be an actor but people told him he needed a plan B. However, he stuck by it and performed in theatre. Completely by accident, Chris is now working within radio. He loves his job – which he researches, produces and hosts two shows, BBC Sheffield’s Throwback Thursday and BBC Introducing.

Kim Boak wanted to be a presenter or an actor. Fortunately for her, after loads of hard work, she achieved her dream. She started off as a sports presenter and is currently producing content for BBC Bitesize. Her goal for the future is presenting for more famous sports channels. One of her greatest achievements is interviewing Harry Kane and other ‘sporty stars’ on the Sports Personality of the Year red carpet.

Dan Tunstall wanted to be a teacher, either English or drama, but then decided he didn’t enjoy it as much as he thought. He has now created his own business – Tunstall Lighting. He provides the correct lighting for music videos, movies, etc. He has been doing this job for five years. Dan was very determined to accomplish his dream. Unlike other people, he didn’t apply for the job, Dan just showed up and asked for the job.

Our panellists gave some useful advice for people who want a career in media productions. This is what they had to say:

“Radio is very competitive, very difficult, when you get there it is satisfying and rewarding. It’s hard for a reason. Learning does not stop when you’ve finished school. Don’t beat yourself up about things. Be confident and work hard!”



House Benchball

By Evie B

On the 12th February 2019, a benchball house event took place at Trinity Academy. The sporting event was between three houses (Shepherds, Poets, Kings) and all of them made an incredible effort. The match kicked off at 15:30.

To begin with, Kings were off to an unlucky start as Poets were soon in the lead. Ben Coldbeck, a Year 7 playing for Poets, performed some excellent defending. Fortunately, Poets won their first game. Lily Witton (a member of the Poets) said that she felt rather good about this game; James May (another budding player of Poets) told us that “I feel quite thirsty, but I don’t think we have a chance of winning”.

Soon enough, another game started – which was between Shepherds and Kings – Shepherds were soon winning with 2 people on the bench. After many more games, the final game took place between Poets and Kings (again). Winnie Chen did a defend which was certainly amazing but not everything was going well for someone. Ben Coldbeck was playing greatly until he had a fall. He wasn’t at all bothered about injuring himself but it was a shame that his new leggings now had a big hole in them.

However, even after Poets and Kings’ remarkable act, the winners of this House event was Shepherds.

Trinity’s Got Talent

By Lily and Lilly, BBC Young Reporters

On the 17th January, Trinity Academy hosted a talent show to showcase the diversity in talent within the school. This allowed many of the students who have worked extremely hard to develop their skills to a level they felt comfortable performing in front of an audience to be recognised by the school’s community and possibly further.

Our finalists who had made it past the tense audition process were: Summer & Maisy, Reuben, Keira, Georgina, Teighan, Harry, Gracie, Keegan and Sasha – the 1st place winner. There was a wide range of different talents on display, everything ranging from majestic monologues to balletic dances and touching songs. Everyone showed an amazing passion and love upon the stage, and it must have been incredibly hard for our two judges (Miss Porter and Mrs Barley) to decide which was the best act on the night.

After long thought, the winner (Sasha) was announced, with the runner ups (Reuben and Keegan). All of the talent showcased was thoroughly appreciated and acknowledged.

Year 10 Netball team celebrates Doncaster Schools tournament victory

By Antonia and Madeleine, BBC Young Reporters

Trinity Academy’s netball team have successfully maintained their unbeaten reign, coming first place in the Doncaster Schools Tournament at the end of February.

From left to right; Chloe Taylor, Alex O’Neill, Amy Wilcox, Katie Taylor, Hannah Sanderson, Liberty Hallam, Cameron Pollitt.

The tournament was played as  round-robin, with opposition teams from Hayfield, Hungerhill, Hall Cross and Balby Carr. The Trinity girls played especially well, winning all five of their matches, despite several players who are still recovering from recent injuries. “They are such a talented bunch of netballers who work amazingly as a team, supporting and encouraging each other on and off court,” said the team’s coach Nicola Anderson, “the level of skill demonstrated was excellent and was commented on by all the other attending schools’ staff.”

The girls also commented on how proud they all were of each other, highlighting their sense of team spirit. Moreover, Amy Wilcox said, “they wouldn’t have won without Mrs Anderson’s great coaching.”

For anyone interested in Netball, training is at 3:10 on a Tuesday every day after school. Team player Hannah Sanderson recommended that the sport is “an amazing opportunity to meet new people and share the same love for netball.” In addition, there are many extra curricular activities for students of all abilities who are looking to get involved too.

The Six Nations: the story so far

By Matthew, BBC Young Reporter

The Six Nations this year has had some real shockers and brilliant displays of skill from the players. The table stands as:

1st    Wales                               4th   France

2nd    England                                5th   Scotland

3rd    Ireland                                       6th Italy

Wales have had a strong Six Nations thus far after beating France 24-19 then beating Italy 15-26, then in a crucial game beating England 21-13. These victories have put Wales on form to take on Scotland and then in a game that could determine a grand slam or a Six Nations defeat against Ireland this will be a truly deciding game in both teams’ season.

England asserted true dominance among other teams by beating favourites Ireland 20-32 then obliterating France 44-8, but then suffered a crippling defeat against Wales where they lost 21-13 which has put them in 2nd place and has cost them a grand slam victory, but all hope is not lost as if Ireland beat Wales they might win on points difference and bonus points.

Ireland have had a slow start to the season after their hopes of being the favourites to win were brought to a close after being beaten by England 20-32, but they returned to winning form by beating Scotland 22-13 and then beating Italy 16-26, but they are going to be getting ready to play their toughest match yet against Wales in two weeks’ time. This match will determine both their seasons by a victory for either side.

Scotland have had a pretty mediocre Six Nations, only winning their first game against France and losing both of their others. They aren’t likely to win another a game as they are going up against Wales and England next with this poor performance at the Six Nations possibly affecting their world cup campaign.

France have also had a mixed Six Nations but with 1 win it is similar to the previous Six Nations but they are likely to pick up a second win against Italy in two weeks, but this has been another mixed Six Nations but the biggest blow for France was losing to Wales after leading 16-0 at half time which has stuck with them throughout the rest of their games.

Italy have had a similar Six Nations to ones before it by losing all of their games but they have had some highlights like going toe to toe with Ireland, Scotland and Wales but haven’t come out with a bonus points or wins and are looking to one of their closest games France in a couple of weeks.

Gallagher Premiership round-up

By Matthew, BBC Young Reporter

The Gallagher premiership so far this season has had some shockers with teams doing badly compared to their usual season average and teams excelling in the league. This will be a season overview of the teams so far:

Exeter Chiefs

The Chiefs have had a really strong season only losing 2 games and winning the rest with strong new signings. Also they are top of the table by point difference, shocking fans by overtaking favourites Saracens. But if these teams finish first it will put them in good form for the top 4 playoffs.


Saracens have had a strong season losing the same games as Exeter and winning the same games but losing on point difference. This is unusual for the season champions but they are on form to finish top 4 but with a lot of the season to still play out. If Saracens stay in this spot they will face Harlequins or Gloucester but the champs look ready to defend their title.


The Harlequins have shocked fans this season as they are in third and are looking likely to reach the playoffs winning and losing 6 games. They are looking quite strong but need more wins to assert their dominance to the other teams in the league. They are ahead of Gloucester by points despite losing one more than them but all in all the Harlequins are looking strong.


One of the underdog teams of last season have shocked teams and fans by being in fourth behind Harlequins by point difference with strong players like Billy Twelvetrees really having made a difference for Gloucester this year. This team are in fourth at the minute but are looking strong for a top 4 finish this season.

Sale Sharks

The Sale Sharks have had an outstanding season compared to recently. They are 5th in the premiership table and have a small chance to reach the playoffs but are looking strong for a top 6 finish with new signing Dani Cipriani having done wonders for this team this season.


Wasps have struggled to get wins this season due to key player injuries and players away in the England squad but have picked up 6 wins putting them in sixth place. They aren’t likely to reach the playoffs this season; also with key player Elliot Daily leaving to join Saracens the future of Wasps isn’t looking bright.

Leicester Tigers

The Leicester Tigers have had a mixed season this year due to only picking up 5 wins from 12 matches which has put them mid table at seventh place. With the six nations happening they will be losing key players Jonny May, George Ford, Ben Youngs, Dan Cole and Ellis Genge to the England squad and many others to the other nations. They are unlikely to reach the playoffs.

Bath Rugby

Bath have had a similar season to last year’s season. They have struggled to get wins but are getting them where they count. They are in the eighth in the League but are staying out of the relagation zone by picking up a key win against Leicester Tigers. Bath are not likely to reach the playoffs but are likely to reach the top 6.

Northampton Saints

Northampton have had a shaky start to the season but have really picked up in the previous weeks with them absolutely obliterating the Sale Sharks 67-17. This has pushed them up the premiership table a lot and has made them likely to reach the top 4 and highly likely to reach the top 6.

Bristiol Bears

Bristol have had a really shaky season only winning 5 out of 15 games but as of currently are dodging death for this season as they sit 10th in the table and are likely to avoid relegation but they will want to pick up as many victories as possible to try and push them into the top 8, but with current standings they won’t reach the top 4 and are highly unlikely to reach the top 6

Wouster Warriors

This team have had a very similar season to last fighting to stay out of the relegation zone. They rest in 11th place and will be constantly hoping for wins to try and move them from 11th to 10th to give them every possible chance to avoid relegation. But with the current standings they are not reaching the top 4 and are highly unlikely to reach the top 6.

Newcastle Falcons

Newcastle have had an extremly rough season compared to last. They are in 12th and fears of being relegated have a high chance of becoming a reality. This has come to a shock as last season Newcastle finished 4th but now they have a high chance of relegation as they have only won 4 out of 15 games. With current standing they wont reach top 4 or top 6 and have a high chance of being relegated.