BBC School Report 2018

Students from Trinity Academy will be making the news for real on 15 March 2018 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the following day (as we will be visiting MediaCityUK in Salford on News Day itself!), so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later.

Just some of Trinity’s School Reporters, from left: Amy, Sam and Ryan

BBC School Reporters at Sheffield Hallam University

By Cara, Thomas, Kyle and Thomas

Three schools were invited to Sheffield Hallam University for BBC School Report News Day (16th March 2017) and we were lucky enough to be one of the chosen schools.

We produced a radio report about what some of the other students decided to do on the day for their news stories, and also interviewed a Sheffield Journalism graduate to see why Media is such an important subject. Listen to our report below:

England just one game away from world record

By Daisy, Liam, Archie and Jack

Following their monumental victory against Scotland last weekend, England’s rugby team now face their toughest challenge yet as they seek to break the world record for the most consecutive wins when they face Ireland in the Six Nations tournament on Saturday.

On the 11th of March 2017, the England rugby team clashed with Scotland in an all-out match in the competition. The games in the first rounds were played between Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Italy and France, ending with a long anticipated English victory.

The victory allowed England to match up with the current world record holders ‘New Zealand’s All Blacks’, holding 18 consecutive wins. In doing so, this opened up a chance for England to steal their limelight and break the world record, as long as they win their match against Ireland providing them with the crucial 19th win.

The history making event will be happening this very Saturday on the 18th of March in the Avian Stadium, in Dublin. The kick off will begin at 17.00, so be prepared for the most intense match ever played for England!

We interviewed Archie, a supporter of the England rugby team. When we asked how England’s victory over Scotland made him feel, he responded with: “this win made me proud to be English”. With everything riding on the Irish result, how would an English victory make him feel?

“It would fill the English supporters with confidence about upcoming games because we’d be the champions!” he laughed.

Does P.E. waste valuable learning time?

by Thomas, Kyle and Thomas

Do P.E. lessons waste valuable learning time? Some people say the two lessons a week that keeps young people from gaining too much weight does not impact their learning to a certain degree. These lessons, for some students, are the only physical exercise they get in a week. For this reason alone it could be seen as vital that P.E. is not only advised but made compulsory. As the UK’s national average weight is slowly rising, the two P.E. lessons students have a week could be the only cure to stop the average weight in this country rising further.

However, there are countries, such as Germany, that already don’t have P.E. as an essential in schools. One of the students we interviewed said: “I think P.E does waste valuable learning time as we could be learning something else”. The argument that we could be learning something else like English or Maths, say, could be a valid argument as how much could those two lessons a week improve students’ GCSEs? However, many of the students we interviewed in Trinity Academy disagree with the suggestion that P.E. wastes valuable learning time.

Boxers come to blows before fight

by Archie, Jack and Liam

David Haye and Tony Bellew’s pre-fight press conference went up in flames recently. The two fighters exchanged words throughout the conference with Haye saying some savage words about Bellew and his fans. The British Boxing Board has warned Haye over his behaviour at the conference as some of his comments were deemed “unacceptable”. The board also told the two fighters to settle down and wait until the gloves are on as it makes the sport look bad and childish. Kieran Smith, a spokesman from the British Boxing Board, stated: “We are all aware this is a tough sport and there are tragedies. We don’t need people acting in this manner.” As we can see, Smith clearly isn’t happy about their behaviour. Eddie Hearn, the boxing expert at Sky, stated that Haye will be getting punished for his actions.

A few days later, the gloves were on and the first couple of rounds were scrappy with no fighters really landing deadly punches. After the fifth round this all changed as Haye got an Achilles injury and from there on it was all Bellew. Bellew, who had seemed to have gassed himself out, gave it his all in the 11th round and ended up winning by KO.

At the end of the fight, the fighters put all the bad blood behind them and they embraced in a hug. Haye stated that “Bellew was amazing” and Bellew stated that Haye’s punches “were rock solid”. In the end the bad blood was all gone but they did say that they may have a second fight because that’s how good it was.