BBC Bitesize School Tour comes to Trinity

By Evie R, Tilli B and Evie B, BBC Young Reporters

Today, a BBC Bitesize team came to visit Trinity Academy to provide information to our Year 8, 9 and 10 students on career opportunities within the creative arts industry.

The panellists were:

Kim Boak: Producer @ BBC Bitesize

Dan Tunstall: Lighting Technician @ Tunstell Film Services LTD

Christian Carlisle: Presenter @ BBC Introducing Radio Sheffield

The host was: Sarah Story

When Christian Carlisle was young he was very stubborn because he wanted to be an actor but people told him he needed a plan B. However, he stuck by it and performed in theatre. Completely by accident, Chris is now working within radio. He loves his job – which he researches, produces and hosts two shows, BBC Sheffield’s Throwback Thursday and BBC Introducing.

Kim Boak wanted to be a presenter or an actor. Fortunately for her, after loads of hard work, she achieved her dream. She started off as a sports presenter and is currently producing content for BBC Bitesize. Her goal for the future is presenting for more famous sports channels. One of her greatest achievements is interviewing Harry Kane and other ‘sporty stars’ on the Sports Personality of the Year red carpet.

Dan Tunstall wanted to be a teacher, either English or drama, but then decided he didn’t enjoy it as much as he thought. He has now created his own business – Tunstall Lighting. He provides the correct lighting for music videos, movies, etc. He has been doing this job for five years. Dan was very determined to accomplish his dream. Unlike other people, he didn’t apply for the job, Dan just showed up and asked for the job.

Our panellists gave some useful advice for people who want a career in media productions. This is what they had to say:

“Radio is very competitive, very difficult, when you get there it is satisfying and rewarding. It’s hard for a reason. Learning does not stop when you’ve finished school. Don’t beat yourself up about things. Be confident and work hard!”



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