BBC School Report Day highlights

On Thursday 15th March, 10 Trinity Academy students travelled from our school in Thorne to MediaCity in Salford, Manchester for BBC School Report.

We got to try the new iReporter game and in our opinion it was very good but it was lengthy so you had to play it in small sections. Our students thought of some improvements that could be made to the game. “I thought they should add subtitles so people who are deaf can read it,” said Matthew, “and maybe it could have different difficulty levels too.”

Ryan added: “They could add text boxes on the side, which would let you progress through the game quicker and not have to wait to watch the full video.”

Meanwhile, Ewen’s favourite part of the day was “playing the VR (virtual reality game), where we got to play a ski jump game”. Matthew agreed: “I had to go and sit down after that as it made me feel very nauseous!” Ryan thought the VR was good, but suggested an improvement in the headset graphics quality so that it was less pixelated.

By School Reporters Ryan, Ewen and Matthew

A full roundup of the day from a national perspective can be found here:

The main piazza at MediaCity, taken by Ryan from the BBC’s main meeting room for the School Reporters

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