Gallagher Premiership round-up

By Matthew, BBC Young Reporter

The Gallagher premiership so far this season has had some shockers with teams doing badly compared to their usual season average and teams excelling in the league. This will be a season overview of the teams so far:

Exeter Chiefs

The Chiefs have had a really strong season only losing 2 games and winning the rest with strong new signings. Also they are top of the table by point difference, shocking fans by overtaking favourites Saracens. But if these teams finish first it will put them in good form for the top 4 playoffs.


Saracens have had a strong season losing the same games as Exeter and winning the same games but losing on point difference. This is unusual for the season champions but they are on form to finish top 4 but with a lot of the season to still play out. If Saracens stay in this spot they will face Harlequins or Gloucester but the champs look ready to defend their title.


The Harlequins have shocked fans this season as they are in third and are looking likely to reach the playoffs winning and losing 6 games. They are looking quite strong but need more wins to assert their dominance to the other teams in the league. They are ahead of Gloucester by points despite losing one more than them but all in all the Harlequins are looking strong.


One of the underdog teams of last season have shocked teams and fans by being in fourth behind Harlequins by point difference with strong players like Billy Twelvetrees really having made a difference for Gloucester this year. This team are in fourth at the minute but are looking strong for a top 4 finish this season.

Sale Sharks

The Sale Sharks have had an outstanding season compared to recently. They are 5th in the premiership table and have a small chance to reach the playoffs but are looking strong for a top 6 finish with new signing Dani Cipriani having done wonders for this team this season.


Wasps have struggled to get wins this season due to key player injuries and players away in the England squad but have picked up 6 wins putting them in sixth place. They aren’t likely to reach the playoffs this season; also with key player Elliot Daily leaving to join Saracens the future of Wasps isn’t looking bright.

Leicester Tigers

The Leicester Tigers have had a mixed season this year due to only picking up 5 wins from 12 matches which has put them mid table at seventh place. With the six nations happening they will be losing key players Jonny May, George Ford, Ben Youngs, Dan Cole and Ellis Genge to the England squad and many others to the other nations. They are unlikely to reach the playoffs.

Bath Rugby

Bath have had a similar season to last year’s season. They have struggled to get wins but are getting them where they count. They are in the eighth in the League but are staying out of the relagation zone by picking up a key win against Leicester Tigers. Bath are not likely to reach the playoffs but are likely to reach the top 6.

Northampton Saints

Northampton have had a shaky start to the season but have really picked up in the previous weeks with them absolutely obliterating the Sale Sharks 67-17. This has pushed them up the premiership table a lot and has made them likely to reach the top 4 and highly likely to reach the top 6.

Bristiol Bears

Bristol have had a really shaky season only winning 5 out of 15 games but as of currently are dodging death for this season as they sit 10th in the table and are likely to avoid relegation but they will want to pick up as many victories as possible to try and push them into the top 8, but with current standings they won’t reach the top 4 and are highly unlikely to reach the top 6

Wouster Warriors

This team have had a very similar season to last fighting to stay out of the relegation zone. They rest in 11th place and will be constantly hoping for wins to try and move them from 11th to 10th to give them every possible chance to avoid relegation. But with the current standings they are not reaching the top 4 and are highly unlikely to reach the top 6.

Newcastle Falcons

Newcastle have had an extremly rough season compared to last. They are in 12th and fears of being relegated have a high chance of becoming a reality. This has come to a shock as last season Newcastle finished 4th but now they have a high chance of relegation as they have only won 4 out of 15 games. With current standing they wont reach top 4 or top 6 and have a high chance of being relegated.


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