House Benchball

By Evie B

On the 12th February 2019, a benchball house event took place at Trinity Academy. The sporting event was between three houses (Shepherds, Poets, Kings) and all of them made an incredible effort. The match kicked off at 15:30.

To begin with, Kings were off to an unlucky start as Poets were soon in the lead. Ben Coldbeck, a Year 7 playing for Poets, performed some excellent defending. Fortunately, Poets won their first game. Lily Witton (a member of the Poets) said that she felt rather good about this game; James May (another budding player of Poets) told us that “I feel quite thirsty, but I don’t think we have a chance of winning”.

Soon enough, another game started – which was between Shepherds and Kings – Shepherds were soon winning with 2 people on the bench. After many more games, the final game took place between Poets and Kings (again). Winnie Chen did a defend which was certainly amazing but not everything was going well for someone. Ben Coldbeck was playing greatly until he had a fall. He wasn’t at all bothered about injuring himself but it was a shame that his new leggings now had a big hole in them.

However, even after Poets and Kings’ remarkable act, the winners of this House event was Shepherds.

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