Huawei and why they are under fire

By Kian, BBC Young Reporter

During the G20 Summit in which the Chinese and American presidents were making peace in the trade war a certain individual was arrested in Canada. This person was Meng Wanzhou. She’s Huawei’s chief financial officer and the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, who is the founder and president of Huawei. She was arrested because she had been accused of breaking some sanctions put against Iran. Ren has said that “We can only depend on the law to solve this problem.”

The arrest of Meng wasn’t the end though as the entire company had soon been accused of obstruction of justice as well as attempted theft of trade secrets. These claims were denied by both Meng and the company.

The main cause of concern when it comes to stealing trade secrets would be a certain high tech piece of machinery that was developed by T-Mobile named “Tappy”. The robot has this name due to its job which is to test responsiveness when it comes to mobile phones and tablets. Tappy is a robotic hand which taps the screen to make sure it actually works. It is believed that Huawei would want to steal the machine as T-Mobile had a deal with the company which acted as a partnership. The company had rebuffed Huawei’s offers, in fear that they would use the technology to make phones for the competitors for T-Mobile’s competitors.

The company allegedly attempted to steal the machine by having one of their US employees sneak the arm by putting it inside his satchel and send details about what it contained and how it worked over to the Chinese so they could replicate it for themselves. He claimed the arm had fallen into his bag and didn’t intend for it to happen. Huawei then told the court that the employee had been acting by himself and had no order to perform the robbery.

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