The high cost of ‘microtransactions’

How much have young people spent on microtransactions for Star Wars Battlefront 2? You might be surprised to learn that one 19-year-old has spent over $10,000 worth on the habit.

Microtransactions involve spending money on enhancing games and is actually a form of gambling as, quite often, the gamer gets nothing in return for their money.

Another person spent $100 on Star Wars Battlefront 2 and got hardly anything back for the amount they spent.

One 14-year-old had a gambling addiction due to this and other games, and spent more than $10,000 over a few years.

What gaming companies Dice and EA did to stop this is that, on launch of the game, they disabled all of the payments of microtransactions due to the massive outrage of the government and people spending loads on them. They therefore put a ‘day one’ patch to disable the process, even though millions had been spent on it already. However, since release, it has been disabled.

By Ryan, BBC School Reporter

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