The Six Nations: the story so far

By Matthew, BBC Young Reporter

The Six Nations this year has had some real shockers and brilliant displays of skill from the players. The table stands as:

1st    Wales                               4th   France

2nd    England                                5th   Scotland

3rd    Ireland                                       6th Italy

Wales have had a strong Six Nations thus far after beating France 24-19 then beating Italy 15-26, then in a crucial game beating England 21-13. These victories have put Wales on form to take on Scotland and then in a game that could determine a grand slam or a Six Nations defeat against Ireland this will be a truly deciding game in both teams’ season.

England asserted true dominance among other teams by beating favourites Ireland 20-32 then obliterating France 44-8, but then suffered a crippling defeat against Wales where they lost 21-13 which has put them in 2nd place and has cost them a grand slam victory, but all hope is not lost as if Ireland beat Wales they might win on points difference and bonus points.

Ireland have had a slow start to the season after their hopes of being the favourites to win were brought to a close after being beaten by England 20-32, but they returned to winning form by beating Scotland 22-13 and then beating Italy 16-26, but they are going to be getting ready to play their toughest match yet against Wales in two weeks’ time. This match will determine both their seasons by a victory for either side.

Scotland have had a pretty mediocre Six Nations, only winning their first game against France and losing both of their others. They aren’t likely to win another a game as they are going up against Wales and England next with this poor performance at the Six Nations possibly affecting their world cup campaign.

France have also had a mixed Six Nations but with 1 win it is similar to the previous Six Nations but they are likely to pick up a second win against Italy in two weeks, but this has been another mixed Six Nations but the biggest blow for France was losing to Wales after leading 16-0 at half time which has stuck with them throughout the rest of their games.

Italy have had a similar Six Nations to ones before it by losing all of their games but they have had some highlights like going toe to toe with Ireland, Scotland and Wales but haven’t come out with a bonus points or wins and are looking to one of their closest games France in a couple of weeks.

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