Year 10 Netball team celebrates Doncaster Schools tournament victory

By Antonia and Madeleine, BBC Young Reporters

Trinity Academy’s netball team have successfully maintained their unbeaten reign, coming first place in the Doncaster Schools Tournament at the end of February.

From left to right; Chloe Taylor, Alex O’Neill, Amy Wilcox, Katie Taylor, Hannah Sanderson, Liberty Hallam, Cameron Pollitt.

The tournament was played as  round-robin, with opposition teams from Hayfield, Hungerhill, Hall Cross and Balby Carr. The Trinity girls played especially well, winning all five of their matches, despite several players who are still recovering from recent injuries. “They are such a talented bunch of netballers who work amazingly as a team, supporting and encouraging each other on and off court,” said the team’s coach Nicola Anderson, “the level of skill demonstrated was excellent and was commented on by all the other attending schools’ staff.”

The girls also commented on how proud they all were of each other, highlighting their sense of team spirit. Moreover, Amy Wilcox said, “they wouldn’t have won without Mrs Anderson’s great coaching.”

For anyone interested in Netball, training is at 3:10 on a Tuesday every day after school. Team player Hannah Sanderson recommended that the sport is “an amazing opportunity to meet new people and share the same love for netball.” In addition, there are many extra curricular activities for students of all abilities who are looking to get involved too.

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