Post-16 Destinations

Destinations data is any information that is collected on students’ destinations (where a student goes and what he/she does after leaving school), which can be a proposed or actual destination.

Trinity Academy Data 

2015 –Activity Survey data for Trinity Academy can be found Here.

2016 – Activity Survey data for Trinity Academy can be found Here.

2017 – Activity Survey data  for Trinity Academy can be found Here.

2018 – Activity Survey data for Trinity Academy can be found Here.

2019 – Activity Survey data for Trinity Academy can be found Here.

Review and Measurement of Impact

We review the success of our Careers Programme by looking at the destinations of our exiting Y11 students and against our yearly target of 0% NEETS (students not in education, employment and training).  We also compare our destinations to other schools in the locality.

Following this approach, and looking into the destinations data, an example of how we have used our previous destination data to assess our careers provision recently is that we found that fewer girls were taking up apprenticeships’ during the 2015/16 and 2016/17 academic years, so we planned some specific interventions which included guest speakers and programmes that sought to raise awareness and encouraged them to consider apprenticeships’. We then planned specific interventions for girls, encouraging them to consider applying for the places on offer.