Farewell to Year 13 class of 2019

Our Year 13 students marked their last official day at Trinity on Friday May 24; for the majority of them, the end of a seven-year career at the academy.

In what has become a Trinity tradition, they were treated to an afternoon barbecue and ice-creams before moving on to the more formal part of the event: awards presentations, a ‘leaving video’ and speeches by head of sixth form Paul Flint and the Emmanuel Schools Foundation’s director of teaching school Julie McGonigle.

Mr Flint opened by welcoming the year group to their “778th assembly”, telling them: “It has been an absolute privilege to work with all of you.

“These really are the best days of your life and I want to share with you some life advice, which is simply that ‘hard work pays’.”

Dr McGonigle congratulated the students on being such a “fabulous” year group and on the “tremendous growth that we’ve seen from Year 7 to Year 13”.

She added: “School does a whole lot of things for you to prepare you for life; most of all giving you a set of core values to take with you but that are also in you. We’ve seen these values demonstrated in you time and time again.”

Dr McGonigle shared with students three pieces of advice, which were to “read, pray and lead”.

“Read, because people who are most expert, successful, interesting and wise read: it’s going to be the key thing for the next part of your life.

“Pray: no matter who you are, you will go through difficult times in your life, but you are not on your own.

“Lead. It’s very easy in life to do the easy thing, but very difficult to do the hard thing. My hope is that in whatever field you go into, you will have courage to stand up and lead in that. Do hard things.”

The final part of the afternoon saw the Year 13s leave the academy by walking through a ‘guard of honour’ made up of Year 12 students and staff.

Good luck Year 13: we wish you all the best for whatever your future holds!