Geography ambassadors visit classes

Just before Christmas we welcomed two students from Sheffield Hallam University into school to speak to Year 9 and 10 Geographers about further studies and careers in the subject.

The visit on December 13 was part of the Royal Geographical Society’s ‘Geography Ambassador’ scheme which sends geographers from universities and businesses into schools to act as ambassadors for the subject.

The scheme’s aim is to introduce students to the many exciting and relevant benefits of studying geography, widening their perception of the subject and encouraging them to pursue it beyond the compulsory stages.

Ambassadors are positive role models for pupils and illustrate – via a range of informative, interactive and enjoyable sessions – the transferable skills and interests they have developed as geographers.

The Trinity students who benefited from the sessions run by Sheffield Hallam undergraduates Molly Pickering and Emily Gardner thought the initiative was a great idea, helping them look at topics in a new way and getting them motivated to think about geography as a GCSE or A Level subject, and even as a future career.

The classes were presented with three different natural hazards – a tsunami, an earthquake and a volcano – and asked to consider the physical and human impact, including identifying ways that such events could be better prepared for in future.

“I found it really interesting, and a different way of engaging us,” said Year 10 student Dominic O’Neill. Jacob Page agreed: “It was quite good at making us think in a different way and making real connections between geographical events and how they affect the population.”

Hannah Sanderson, who is planning to take geography at A Level and university, said the idea of subject ambassadors should be rolled out across the curriculum. “It would be great if this could be done in every subject, so we have an even wider range of ideas for future careers,” she said.

Students in other year groups will have the opportunity to work with the RGS ambassadors later this academic year.