Local Flooding

Dear parents and carers

Local flooding

Our hearts go out to all of those in the local community affected by the flooding, and especially to those Trinity families whose homes are under water at present. As a school we want to provide help in whatever way possible and therefore we are working with the local church and Moorends Miners Welfare and Community Development Centre.

We have already invited from our staff donations of basic food items, and we have begun to deliver these to people who are affected. Below are items that are especially important, and perhaps you might be able to contribute yourselves. If so, please give these items to your son/daughter to bring to our collection point in room 163 or the Junior Pastoral Office:

• Cheese (sealed)
• Breakfast cereals
• Kindling (for fires in the homes that have solid fuel)
• Butter or spreads
• Chocolate bars (for energy for the volunteers)
• Lip balm
• Waders and wellies (supplier of large quantities needed)
• Gloves (flood water has mixed with sewage)
• Old-fashioned white-headed mops (they absorb water far more than the new styles)
• Mop buckets (with a wringer on).
• Scented candles (for both light and to mask the smell of sewage)
• Brooms
• Batteries for the torches
• New (unopened) underwear and socks (all ages and sizes)
• Hand sanitizer
• Bleach and cleaning products

Once the waters have withdrawn and we can begin the mop-up operation there will be further practical work to be done, and we hope to mobilise teams of staff and students to help with the clean-up.

We are very conscious that the situation needs to be monitored on a day-to-day basis, and that other Trinity families may be affected moving forward. If that is your situation, please let us know, especially if there are practical ways in which we can help your child. We’re especially keen that no one misses any education.

In a small number of cases children who have been evacuated have come to school without uniform, and it’s been our privilege to provide uniform and books for them. Please do let us know if there is anything at all we can do to help your family if you are affected by this situation.

Mrs Porter, our Head of Philosophy, Theology and Ethics, is heading up the support. I invite you to contact her directly if you are able to help in practical ways or need us to pick up a donation. Simply phone the switchboard and ask for Mrs Porter, or use the key contacts page on our website:  https://www.trinity-academy.org.uk/contact/key contacts/

Yours sincerely
Mr J Winch
Executive Principal