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13th November 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

Ofsted inspection, 13-14 September 2017

Some time has passed since Ofsted’s visit, soon after the new academic year got underway, and I want to thank you for the valuable feedback that so many of you provided to inspectors.  Your sons and daughters were a credit to you over the two days; you should be so proud of them.

At the start of the inspection we provided HMI Mike Tull and his team with a 32 page self-evaluation, rating Trinity Academy against all Ofsted criteria and describing both the school-improvement work done to date and that which is in progress.  After speaking with students, staff and governors, visiting lessons, assemblies and tutor groups, inspectors agreed with this self-evaluation, affirming our judgement that Trinity Academy as a whole continues to Require Improvement, whilst the sixth form is securely Good.  Like us, inspectors found greatest difficulty in assessing the quality of leadership, because a case could be made for Good.  In the end – and rightly in our view – they decided to maintain a Requires Improvement grading.  Our leadership has only recently stabilised, and the impact of the school improvement measures put in place twelve months ago are best described as ‘green shoots’.

Areas judged to remain strong and effective include:

  • The Sixth Form, which receives glowing commendation throughout the report; sixth form students are described as excellent role models to the rest of the Academy;
  • Safeguarding, which is effective so that students are safe and feel safe;
  • Careers education, advice and guidance, and the work placement programme.

It was good to see inspectors acknowledge improvements over the last twelve months in:

  • The behaviour of students, which has resulted in a marked reduction in the number of incidents and the number of exclusions:
  • The progress of students, and especially the most able;
  • Students’ performance in English;
  • The quality of teaching, which inspectors put down to greater accountability, better support and training for teachers, and improved performance management;
  • Students’ commitment to learn from their mistakes by redrafting and correcting their work;
  • Teachers’ knowledge of their students, and school-wide tracking of performance;
  • The use of tutor group sessions;
  • Provision for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities;
  • The education of students who attend Emmanuel House, our on-site alternative education provision;
  • The wide range of enrichment activities now available to students.

We are not complacent!  Just six years ago Trinity Academy was judged outstanding, and we’re determined to be there again.  This is a realistic goal; Trinity benefits from wonderful students, a committed and loyal staff team, and first-rate facilities.  Although the direction of travel is the right one, the distance travelled is not enough, and we are committed to addressing this.

Thankfully, points for improvement identified by inspectors line up with the priorities in our 2017-18 development plan, and we have already begun serious work on these matters.  We are determined to:

  • strengthen the quality of teaching through training and heightened teacher accountability, ensuring that all teachers have high standards for the students they teach and know how to make students think hard – because we remember what we think about;
  • raise the quality of learning, with students receiving training in study skills, being held to higher standards, and taking responsibility for learning;
  • see our students’ behaviour improving further so that students exercise self-discipline when teachers are not actively supervising them;
  • address the gap in achievement between boys and girls, and the underperformance of many students from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • expand numbers of students taking leadership roles and actively involved in school improvement, social justice, environmental and charitable work;
  • strengthen our ‘risk education’ programme by teaching more fully about extremism ideology and radicalisation and implementing our new relationships and sex education policy;
  • improve attendance, which is below the national average due to term-time holidays and other avoidable factors.

It goes without saying that we can’t do this without you.  In fact, it would be wrong for us to try.  These students are your sons and daughters, and we educate them together.  I know you will stand shoulder to shoulder with us as we accelerate the rate of progress over the next eleven months.

Please do read the Ofsted report in full, which you can find on the Ofsted website:-https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/or our own website https://www.trinity-academy.org.uk/ofsted/inspection-report/.  If you have questions or a constructive contribution to make to our school-improvement work please don’t hesitate to be in touch with either of us.                                   

With gratitude for your partnership in this work

Mr D Page
 Mr J Winch
Executive Principal