The Trinity Academy admissions policy follows that laid down within its agreement with the Department for Education and works alongside the established practices already in place for all maintained secondary schools in Doncaster.

Catchment area

All applicants must live in the catchment area as defined jointly by the Academy and the Secretary of State for Education, and agreed by Doncaster Council. This requirement means that, on the date of application the child’s permanent address and that of his/her legal guardian(s) must be within the catchment area. Any falsification of information
on this point or the use of relatives’ addresses in the catchment area will immediately invalidate any application at whatever stage of the process such falsification is discovered.

The Academy catchment area will include the following primary schools:

  • Thorne Brooke Primary
  • Thorne Green Top Primary
  • Thorne King Edward Primary
  • Thorne Moorends Marshland Primary
  • Thorne Moorends West Road Primary

Detailed listings of streets within the catchment area can be found on the Doncaster Council website –  In the box headed ‘School Catchment Areas’ you will find two PDF documents showing a map and an alphabetical  list of streets and the catchment for each Doncaster School.

The catchment area for post-16 students has been extended to students who live within a reasonable daily travelling distance from the Academy.

Admission arrangements approved by Secretary of State are subject to change and the full, current intake policy details can be viewed below. This includes all policies covering consideration of applications, procedures where the Academy is oversubscribed, the operation of waiting lists, the appeals process and Sixth Form intake.

Our Intake Policy and Procedure can be found in our Policies section on our website. To find out more, contact us at Trinity Academy; alternatively you may contact the Doncaster Local Authority School Admissions Office.