Invitation to Year 6 Open Evening – An invitation to an open evening for parents and carers of children who are eligible to apply to the Academy for entry into Year 7 – Thursday 26th September 2019

Our prospectus can be found by following this link


Admissions at Trinity Academy fall into three categories:

  1. Students joining for the start of Year 7
  2. Students joining sixth form
  3. Students transferring from a different school

Information about each of these admissions routes can be found below.

The Trinity Academy admissions policy follows that laid down within its agreement with the Department for Education and works alongside the established practices already in place for all maintained secondary schools in Doncaster. Our full admissions policy can be found by following this link

Admission – Year 7

Trinity Academy is a popular secondary school and the destination of choice for many students both inside and outside of the catchment area. The Academy has been oversubscribed for the last two years. We work closely with our feeder primary schools to provide a smooth transition from primary to secondary. This includes a week long induction period in the last week of the summer term.

Students and parents wishing to know more about the Academy are strongly encouraged to attend the Year 6 Open Evening. This take place every year on the last Thursday in September. This year it falls on Thursday 26 September. Doors open at 5.30pm for a 5.50pm start. An invitation to this event can be found here

Please note, all applications are made through DMBC, not through the school. Further information can be found by following this link.

The closing date for admissions is 31 October 2019. Please note, if an admission is late it is highly likely that a place will not be offered at Trinity Academy, even if the student lives within the catchment area. 

National offer day is 01 March 2020. A letter will be sent to new Year 7 parents after this providing further information about transition events in the summer term. Information about transition can also be found on our website here

Catchment area

Detailed listings of streets within the catchment area can be found on the Doncaster Council website –  In the box headed ‘School Catchment Areas’ you will find two PDF documents showing a map and an alphabetical  list of streets and the catchment for each Doncaster School.

The Academy catchment area includes the following primary schools:

  • Thorne Brooke Primary
  • Thorne Green Top Primary
  • Thorne King Edward Primary
  • Thorne Moorends Marshland Primary
  • Thorne Moorends West Road Primary

While priority is given to students within our catchment area, we also welcome applications from students outside of catchment. Every year we have a number of students who live outside of our catchment area, and approximately a quarter of students who join us in Year 7 come from non-feeder primary schools. 

Further information

Admission arrangements approved by Secretary of State are subject to change and the full, current intake policy details can be viewed below. This includes all policies covering consideration of applications, procedures where the Academy is oversubscribed, the operation of waiting lists, the appeals process and Sixth Form intake.

Our Intake Policy and Procedure can be found in our Policies section on our website. To find out more, contact us at Trinity Academy; alternatively you may contact the Doncaster Local Authority School Admissions Office.

Admissions – Sixth Form

Details on Sixth Form admissions can be found by following this link to a different part of the website.

The catchment area for post-16 students has been extended to students who live within a reasonable daily travelling distance from the Academy.

Admissions – School Transfers

For families who wish to transfer a student to Trinity Academy from a different school, there is a separate application that needs to be completed through the DMBC website. This can be found by following this link and clicking ‘apply for a transfer online’.

Once a transfer has been received it will trigger our internal admissions process. This will include a meeting with a senior member of staff and often the Principal. It is strongly recommended that academic information is brought to this meeting so we can accurately assign students to the most appropriate sets and courses.