Academic Excellence

Trinity Sixth Form has a long established reputation for academic excellence and is rated as Good by Ofsted in our last inspection in September 2017 with inspectors praising the ambition we have for our students. We have some of the best A Level examination results in the Doncaster and South Yorkshire area. The average grade of Trinity Sixth Form students on A Level courses is a C grade and our progress score is +0.11, this is the best score in the Doncaster area. On our Applied General Courses the average grade students achieve is a Distinction (further details can be found here).

Parents and carers like Trinity Sixth Form because of the standards we uphold and students benefit from the routine and professional environment. Each curriculum area runs monthly assessments and tracks the progress students make throughout the year. Students are expected to work hard in preparation for these assessments and our annual rehearsal examinations. Good progress is rewarded via the privileges system and students who need support have access to a range of interventions.