Staff List

More than 160 staff work at Trinity Academy. All staff are led and managed by Mr J Winch, the Principal. The role of the Principal is overseen by the Board of Governors, led by Mr M Oldknow, the Chair of Governors.

Working for the Principal is the Senior Management Team, which comprises a Director of Teaching, two Vice Principals, four Assistant Vice Principals and one PA, as follows:

Mr J Winch Executive Principal
Dr J McGonigle ESF Director of Teaching School
Mr D Bedford Vice Principal (Academic)
Mr A Anderson School Improvement Lead
Mrs C Chamberlain Assistant Vice Principal (Senior Academy)
Mrs M Smyth Assistant Vice Principal (Teaching and Learning)
Mr R Witty Assistant Vice Principal (Junior Academy)
Mr R Saunders Assistant Vice Principal
Mr P Flint Director of Sixth Form
Mrs A I’Anson Business and Finance Manager
Mrs L Aldsworth PA to the Principal

Child Protection Officers
Mrs R Gregory
Mrs E Moore

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Miss C Tindale 

Beyond the Senior Management Team are the Heads of Department, classroom teachers, Heads of Year, form tutors, classroom assistants and support staff. If you wish to make contact with or speak to any individual member of staff, please call Reception on 01405 813000 and we will do all we can to help you with your query.