Homework Old

Having an organised approach to your homework can help to complete work more effectively, meet deadlines and leave you with more free time. Please read the advice below to help you develop an efficient and positive approach to homework.

  • Minimise distractions – unless you find they help your concentration you should remove distractions such as the TV and music. Make sure you work in a well lit area to help you stay fresh.
  • Don’t leave your homework until bedtime – try to complete it early while your mind is fresh and you’re less likely to rush the work.
  • Use a planner to organise your homework each week. Try to allocate a time and place each day to complete your work, which allows you to plan your free time more effectively and not worry too much about fitting everything in.
  • Don’t wait until the night before your deadline to complete homework. This leaves time to ask for help or advice if you find the work difficult or do not understand a question.
  • If you’re working for a longer period take a break every hour to keep yourself feeling fresh.
  • Start with the homework you consider to be the hardest. Leaving this until the end can distract you from the easier work and leave you feeling more tired for the challenging work.
  • Re-read your work, checking answers are correct, spelling mistakes are removed and identify any grammatical errors.

At Trinity Academy we feel that homework is vital for you to achieve success. However, it will only be successful if you are prepared to put the necessary determination and effort into completing the work set.

You will be given sufficient time to complete your homework. Therefore, failure to hand in homework to an acceptable standard will result in you being asked to redo and resubmit the work. Should you not hand in the homework you will be set a detention and are still required to complete it for marking.