Thorne writer set to launch latest novel

A former Trinity Academy student has given an inspiring account of his journey to becoming a published author, and encouraged youngsters with a story to tell to pursue that goal.

Joseph Green spoke to a captivated audience at Hatfield Library on Friday March 22nd about the process behind writing his fantasy novel, ‘Way of the Moon Bear’, and shared with them his plans for the next two instalments in the trilogy.

Joe, 24, left Trinity in 2013 with A Levels in Film and Media. He went on to graduate in Film and TV Production from York St John University, going on to work in the industry and achieving the ultimate accolade of a Royal Television Society award for cinematography.

He started writing his first book while still at university, and it was eventually published in late 2017. The second book – ‘Trials of Impending Night’ – is almost finished and is due to be released soon, with the final instalment – ‘The Great Lunar Mystery’ – set to complete the trilogy.

Joe’s writing process is somewhat unorthodox. “I came up with the concept for the three books all at the same time,” he said, “but I keep all my ideas in my head and then write them down a chapter at a time. It might be an unusual method, but it works for me!”

The skills of plot-writing and characterisation that he learned as a Film student at Trinity have clearly paid off, with reviews of his debut novel praising the ‘captivating characters’ and ‘engrossing’ storyline.

‘Way of the Moon Bear’ is part fantasy, part coming-of-age, part philosophical commentary; telling the story of 13-year-old Greenwick who is thrown into a conflict between nations, beasts and spectres, and goes on a journey of self-discovery and adventure.

Joe, who still lives in Thorne and works locally, says he was prompted to start the project because he had “an important story to tell, masked inside a fantasy but with real-world implications”. He says that writing the books has been like writing a diary. “It has been quite therapeutic in that respect,” he added.

The process of having the book published, however, was a “gruelling” one. “The best rejections included feedback,” Joe remembers. “I tweaked it, sent it out again, and eventually it got accepted by an agency.”

Joe believes that everyone has a story to tell, and urged those following him up through the education system to push themselves beyond their comfort zone and strive to be the best that they can be.

“Even if you feel like your story’s not worth telling, you should give it a go,” he said. “Everyone should have a hobby too; whatever that is. For me, it’s writing, but find your own outlet and follow it through.”

Catherine Derry, Head of Media & Film at Trinity, said she was delighted to see Joe achieving his dreams. “I’m so proud,” she commented. “He was very enthusiastic and passionate about the creative side of the subject when he was a student here, and I knew Joe could have a successful career in the industry if he wanted to.”

‘Way of the Moon Bear’ is published by Creativia Publishing, and is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.